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The greatest passion of the White Dove Foundation is to impact thousands of lives by building schools, educational programs, innovative technology platforms, businesses, and care assistance programs globally.  The White Dove Foundation values include education, innovation, unity, excellence, and integrity.

The mission of the White Dove Foundation is to create opportunities to help families understand, overcome and restore loved ones in need. The vision is “to make a difference in the quality of lives of five current generations, so future generations are prepared to take communities to where they have never gone before” The organization is structured to achieve these goals in its entire foundation.

The White Dove Foundation offers leadership training to all who want it. We are focused on those who have been impacted by obstacles in their lives. We seek to help people Prepare, Care, Repair, and Adapt which leads to Understanding Restoring and Overcoming.

The Need?

As we work here in Minnesota, the US and internationally,we have found that there has been a severe decline in leadership skills. White Dove is providing leadership conferences to impact the "bottom billion of the world"currently focusing on the need for people to learn to be leaders in their businesses, homes, schools, communities and ministries.

Why Now?

Current events show that critical thinking and leadership skills are weak in most people. This leads to situations where people react with emotion, not reasoned thought. It is important to teach them to consider facts, not emotions first.  

White Dove believes in creating leaders to lead not only businesses and government, but to lead families, ministries and communities so that they are strong.

The principles of leadership that White Dove provides are transferable from government leadership on down to the family.

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