White Bear Center for the Arts

Life-affirming Art Experiences at WBCA

Support life-affirming art experiences at White Bear Center for the Arts

Your generous support ensures the transformative power of art is accessible to all people who wish to participate, regardless of their ability.

Your generous support helps people of all ages learn and grow through the creative process of making art in a safe and nurturing place.

Your generous support helps people feel more connected to our community through “wow” moments in a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Your generous support helps art become an intrinsic and valued part of everyday life by celebrating excellence and diversity.

Your generous support ensures that over 33,000 people per year experience the life-affirming joys of art!

Today, your art center needs you and your generous support has never been more important.

WBCA has secured a challenge match of $25,000 meaning your year-end gifts will be matched dollar for dollar. Please help us maximize this tremendous opportunity by making your most generous year-end gift possible to White Bear Center for the Arts today.

Your gift – no matter the size – is important. Each year, White Bear Center for the Arts relies on the generosity of its supporters to provide 50% of the costs associated with classes, community outreach programs, and community events. Your gift will be used to support:

  • More than 800 classes per year
  • Arts in Elementary program
  • Northern Lights Juried Art Exhibition
  • WriteNow! High School Writing Contest
  • High School Visual Arts Contest
  • Sandcastles and Creatures Building Contest
  • Exhibitions in the Ford Family Gallery
  • Rotating exhibitions throughout the community
  • Free art activities are offered at local events, schools, and libraries
  • Arts programs for individuals with disabilities
  • Arts programs for low-income families
  • Scholarships to more than 100 students per year
  • State-of-the-art facilities


The mission of White Bear Center for the Arts is to provide a gateway to diverse arts experiences.

WBCA is the only non-profit arts organization in the Greater Northeast Metro area that provides a broad range of art classes and programs for children, adults, and families.

As an artist-driven arts center, all aspects of WBCA are guided by the needs of artists.

We fulfill our mission by:

  1. Educating new and established artists;
  2. Cultivating the understanding of art in its many forms; and,
  3. Celebrating the joys of art.

The following impact statements guide the organization:

  • Art is accessible to all
  • People feel safe and comfortable pursuing an artistic experience
  • People feel connected to art through “wow” moments
  • Art is an intrinsic and valued part of everyday life
  • WBCA has regional recognition and influence in the arts

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