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In the spring of 2012, I spoke to different mother's groups with a talk entitled "Well-Read Mom". For most of the mothers I talked to, personal reading was a luxury they had sacrificed in the name of family. In fact, not one woman in any of those groups was reading quality literature for her own enjoyment and growth.

Many of them weren't happy about it. Some felt embarrassed, others felt guilty. Most just accepted it as normal.

When I asked the women why they weren't reading, hands crept up hesitantly. One by one, they explained, lamented, and justified why reading was impossible, given the demands of daily life. "I don't have time" of course, was the main reason these women weren't reading. But I also heard comments like:

  • "I can sometimes read a self-help book or spiritual bestseller because I can justify that. But at this time in my life, reading literature feels selfish."
  • "I was never a good reader in high school."
  • "I'd like to read, but I wouldn't have a clue where to start."
  • "My family watches TV at night because that is something we can do together."
  • "In my family, we're all on our own devices, even during dinner. We fill our plates in the kitchen and then go to our own rooms to eat in front of our TV's and phones." This comment was shared by a woman with tears in her eyes.

Women, including me, wanted to read more, but none of us knew how to take a step toward that goal. I started thinking about my own life, and realized I was actually in the same boat. While I could talk about the importance of good books, in all honesty, I wasn't reading literature on a regular basis either. We were all missing out on something beautiful. I drove home sad.

Well-Read Mom became the answer to the problem.

In Well-Read Mom, women read more and read well. We hope to deepen the awareness of meaning hidden in each woman's daily life, elevate the cultural conversation, and revitalize reading literature from books.

We believe by first bringing women into small groups where they feel supported, they experience more joy in their marriage, jobs, families, and have greater self-confidence, and grow closer in their faith with God. Therefore, Well-Read Mom women are equipped to face the cultural challenges of this world.  

By financially supporting Well-Read Mom, you are helping us to bring this experience to women across the country, which will create a lasting cultural impact. When women read, families read, and when families read they grow in empathy, cultural awareness, and understanding. 

Thank you for your generosity in helping our mission continue to reach the lives of so many women!

~ Marcie

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