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"The Guild is the best place to carry out the legacy of weaving, spinning and dyeing. It's a resource for people who are interested in getting started and for people who already know something and want to know more. It has great teachers that are willing to share and help. It's also a really good spot for the brain, because you can come in and be inspired." --weaver Judy Larson, artist and Weavers Guild supporter

It's been a big year. Over the last twenty months, we've reached students and fiber art appreciators from all across the country via Zoom through classes, talks and interest groups. For many, WGM is their lifeline to the world of weaving and spinning. If there is one thing that our online engagement has proven it's that --in the words of one of our members-- "the Guild is bigger than the building." The Weavers Guild isn't simply a a place, we are a community of makers, a collection of knowledge and practices, and a resource for all who are interested.

Meet Judy Larson. Judy started weaving in 2002, through the support of friends and guild members and thanks to the offer of a free loom. She quickly joined the Weavers Guild of Minnesota and then found a member-led interest group to expand her knowledge. She's a valued contributor in the Rag Rug Study Group.

"I like being part of the Guild," Judy says, "We can encourage and inspire other weavers of all skill levels. You don't have to be a new weaver or an expert. You just need to be someone with an interest." It is the members of the Weavers Guild of Minnesota like Judy, who share their expertise so freely, who make the guild a wonderful space.

"The Weavers Guild of Minnesota is a real treasure in the Twin Cities and covers a wide geographical area through people who have connections to the guild. People take what they've learned at the guild back to their communities. The Guild is bigger than the building that we're in. "--Judy Larson, weaver & supporter

Like you, the Guild has adapted to a changed and changing world. In the last year, we laid the foundation for and began teaching online classes. We invested in equipment, created take-home class kits, and developed videos for two beginning weaving classes. It's an exciting achievement. Embracing technology ensures that WGM remains relevant and accessible to all who want to learn.

Thanks to your investment, the Weavers Guild continues to be "bigger than the building." Your volunteer efforts and financial donations help us reach those who are passionate about weaving, spinning and dyeing, making these arts accessible to our wider community. What could be more promising?

Will you join Judy, our Board of Directors, staff and others in supporting the Weavers Guild of Minnesota?

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