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We All Play a grassroots committee of parents, teachers and community members working towards building an inclusive playground and Miracle League Field in our community of Owatonna, MN. All children and adults have the right to play and interact with one another. Play is having the opportunity to explore the world around you in a way that is fun and stress free.  Children are able to develop physically, socially, intellectually and morally through play. Adults are able to bond with and teach their children through play.   Play is a way for people of all ages to interact, learn and socialize. We are so excited for the opportunity to bring a space like this to our wonderful community and to draw people from all over to come play at our inclusive playground and Miracle League Field, and to spend time in our amazing town!

An inclusive playground is different than a regular playground because it has a surface that allows people of all abilities to maneuver around on (even wheelchairs and walkers.)  This surface gives all individuals access to all of the equipment.  Another thing that makes an inclusive playground different is the equipment.  The equipment is made to guide children’s' play through sensory experiences, gross motor play, cognitive play and social/emotional interactions.

The miracle field will allow children with disabilities to buddy up with their able-bodied peers to play a game of baseball and have the same experiences that able-bodied children have. The miracle field will not only give children with disabilities the opportunity to play but it will give able bodied children the chance to be leaders and to give back to their community. The field has a similar surface as the playground allowing people of all abilities to maneuver around the field.

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