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Sawadee everyone! 

Wat Promwachirayan, also known as Wat Thai of MN, is a Thai Buddhist Temple in Minneapolis (St. Louis Park). In addition to being a place to worship and a touchstone for the Thai community in Minneapolis, one of our main missions is to promote Thai and Southeast Asian culture through arts, activities, events, music and food, and to engage the broader community in the process.  We want to create a space for the community to come together and to explore Southeast Asian culture.  Although we are located in a Thai Buddhist temple, we are not only a religious facility, but also a space where Thai language and traditional dance is taught, food is shared and a safe space is provided for all members of the community. 


Thai Cultural Group of MN 

This is our group of professional dancers and performers who use traditional Thai culture to engage the Southeast Asian community here in Minnesota.  Despite the amount of Southeast Asian community members, there is a lack of representation and unity. 

Southeast Asian arts and culture is used to 1) foster neighborhood wellbeing through a strong Thai and Southeast Asian dances and cultural exercises; 2) create tolerance and understanding of different cultures to build a more equitable Twin Cities; 3) engage the second generation of Southeast American youth in learning the traditional arts; 4) create Thai and Southeast Asian pride and unity through teaching and demonstrating of Thai and Southeast Asian Arts and Cultures; and 5) reach low income residents and those with limited English proficiency members 

Community Space 

Wat Promwachirayan (Wat Thai of MN) takes pride in our community space.  We are a welcoming organisation for all members of our community.  We host many events that are free, allowing the general public to come celebrate Thai and Southeast Asian culture.  We have found the best way to engage the audience is through fun community events and food!  We offer tons of opportunities to try authentic Thai street food.  In addition to food and events we do offer Thai cooking classes, a Thai dancing class every Sunday that is for all ages and ethnicities and This language classes.  We also have a full library with books in English and Thai about Buddhism and Thailand. 

Religious Space

Wat Promwachirayan is a Thai Buddhist Temple in St. Louis Park. We have at most 5 monks that are a part of the Temple.  The Temple is a welcoming place and offer meditation classes on Wednesdays for the general public to learn new medication techniques and Buddhism. 

Come learn more about Thailand and Buddhism! 

All of your donations mean so much to us and thank you for all of the support throughout the years! 

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