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Our Mission 

is to reduce the effects of poverty in developing countries by providing access to clean water, food security, healthcare, education, meaningful employment and peace and security

Our vision 

is for a world where everyone has freedom to access to life giving resources. 

Where Your Donation will be Directed (or Our Current Project) 

Our current focus is in the country of Laos.  The Lao government has asked our partner, The Center for Laotian American International Development (CLAID) to provide clean drinking water in two villages near Vang Vieng, Laos.

In October 2018, Scott Harris, Executive Director of WaterTree Institute, traveled to Laos with members of CLAID to investigate the feasibility of providing the water in these two villages.  It was decided in conjunction with village leaders, CLAID and WaterTree Institute, the best option for clean water was drilling a well.  

Here is a link to see how our beneficiaries currently get their drinking water.  Getting Water in Northern Laos

In early December 2019, we are returning to Vang Vieng to oversee the installation of a new well for two nearby villages.  Our project will also discuss the construction of a large or several medium storage tanks.  We will also conduct workshops with local leaders in Participatory Hygiene and Sanitation Training.

We are raising money to provide a well by hiring a local Laotian well driller.   We will also conduct training in how to maintain and conduct basic repairs on the well.  We also will conduct training in Water and Sanitation/Hygiene training with local community members to ensure safe transport, storage and consumption of the improved water source.   Our goal is to raise $10,000 which will provide one well and we hope to return before the rainy season (June) to provide another well.   We are currently at $4,000 as of November 6th.   All donations are greatly appreciated and are tax deductible. 

Our Philosophy

We believe that access to clean water, adequate nutrition, primary health care, decent housing, basic education, economic opportunities, and personal security are basic human rights.  We are committed to empowering communities to secure these rights through nonviolent, sustainable means.  We believe in assisting all people regardless of race or religion.  We are a non-partisan organization and we do not receive any government funding.

The Values that Shape our Initiatives

  •    Community participation and ownership
  •   Sustainability through education and the use of local      resources and appropriate technology
  •   Respect for traditional cultures
  •   A holistic approach to development that addresses the physical, social, economic, and spiritual wellbeing of individuals and communities
  •   Environmental stewardship
  •   A commitment to fostering just policies that protect human rights


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