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Washburn uses Give to the Max as our main annual fundraiser for academics. The pandemic has created unique challenges & opportunities that have required us to improve our instruction through digital resources. Therefore our goal this year is "DOING MORE WITH DISTANCE LEARNING."  We are hoping you can help us meet our goal of raising $20,000 as we seek to meet specific needs through the purchase of online tools, at home supplies for students, & improved mental health resources.

Online Tools
Teachers have tried to expand their professional toolbox as they have transitioned to distance learning. They have done an excellent job finding new digital resources but some of them are subscription based tools. Your donation would help us gain access to fun and interactive options such as Gizmo and Padlet which are student engagement tools that improve the virtual learning experience.

Home Supplies
With students learning from home, there are needs for additional supplies such as gym materials for home exercise (pedometers, jump ropes, resistance bands), art supplies, and headphones. Headphones are particularly in demand for families that have multiple students learning and sharing the same learning spaces.

Mental Health Support
Our Social Workers are providing resources and basic needs to students who need extra support with online learning: updated technology, sensory & focusing tools, and other learning space improvements that result in a better at-home learning environment.  Clubs & activities are also a resource for helping students engage and improve their mental health through relationship building and having some socially-distanced fun. You can help us fund activities to ensure students have opportunities to connect with peers outside of classes. 

We partner closely with the Washburn High School Foundation. You can donate to Washburn through their site as well. This year they are doing some fundraising specifically for the Class of 2021. Creativity and funding is needed to improve their Senior year experience, which has been so severely limited due to the pandemic. Check them out!



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