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The Warroad Public School District delivers early childhood education, K-12 services & community ed activities. Achieving excellence daily!

The Warroad School District serves children in the towns of Warroad, Salol, Swift, Williams, Angle Inlet, Roseau, Roosevelt and Canada, encompassing a geographic area of 689.5 miles

Warroad is a small, rural community in northern Minnesota, located six miles from the Canadian border, but is notable in its ethnic diversity provided by the indigenous Native American tribes from this area and first and second generation Laotian families that were primarily drawn to this community because of employment opportunities at local factories (Marvin Windows & Polaris).

Student enrollment peaked in the 90's in this district and has been slowly declining since that time. It will continue to do so in the near future meaning less money for our district. Your continued support helps to benefit our teachers and students in the classroom. Purpose, passion, and pride in our school and community is our goal. Thank YOU for showing pride in the Warroad School District. Go Warriors!

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Warroad Public School District

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510 Cedar Avenue Attn: Peter Haapala
Warroad, MN 56763