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WACOSA's mission is to provide individuals with disabilities the opportunity to work and live in their community.

What if every adult with a disability, who could work, did work? Your support plays a significant role in turning the "What if..." into reality. 

In 2018, WACOSA served 687 individuals with disabilities by providing them with opportunities to work and live in their community. Opportunities like job training and employment support services resulted in over 100 individuals finding employment in the community and over 50 work crews providing valuable services to local employers. WACOSA also offers in-house work opportunities and other life-changing employment possibilities. 

Consider Julie's story: 

Julie states, "I love working at WACOSA. It is the best way to interact with people around me. At WACOSA we have work and that's the best thing to have. Making money, socializing, that's just the way things are, you just got to be out there!" 

Julie's mom ads, "Julie was able to get an independent job and she loves it out there and they love her. She's so proud of herself and the things she's accomplished. I am so grateful that we have a WACOSA and that my daughter, who has downs syndrome, and others with disabilities, has a place they can go and be contributors. I have seen a lot of difference in Julie since she started with WACOSA. That difference is her ability to be out in the public and just be herself, to just love the skin that she's in." 

WACOSA is making a difference, but we need to do more! Will you help support adults with disabilities by making a contribution? Your donation, no matter the size, will go a long way in helping those we serve make their employment dreams come true. Thank you for your consideration to make a donation today. 

   Hear stories of how you can make a difference in the life of an adult with a disability.

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