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A non-profit radio Apostolate, we bring Christ to people and people to Christ! We are heard in Lincoln and across the state of Nebraska.

Spirit Catholic Radio is the area's only non-profit Catholic radio station heard in Lincoln on 102.7 FM and across most of Nebraska. 

  • Spirit Catholic Radio is 100 percent listener-supported.
  • In a recent survey, 127 people reported that the station had an impact on saving their marriage.
  • In the same survey, 84 people reported the station had an impact on reducing suicidal thoughts.
  • Spirit Catholic Radio broadcasts seven days a week, 24 hours a day.
  • Spirit Catholic Radio allows listeners to mentally reflect with the on-air speakers or programs in the privacy and the solitude of their home, office or car.
  • It's safe to listen to with your children and family!
  • Features programs filled with love, laughter and light for your journey.
  • Spirit Catholic Radio reaches people with God's Word--often when they need to hear it the most.

"Every once in a while you can be stewing about something (an event, a tragedy you've heard about) and then you flip on the station and there is something said that makes it all fall into place in your heart. Catholic radio has had a huge impact on my family." -Listener

"Spirit 102.7 has been such a blessing to me! It is so wonderful to get that encouragement and hear others living their faith. It really gives a sense of belonging. The on-air prayers throughout the day point my mind toward God." -Listener

"It's funny- the more you listen, the more you listen. Other stations become harder to listen to after Spirit Catholic Radio." -Listener

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