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On September 30, 2022, Bill McKibben joined Vote Climate via Zoom. The above video clip is only a small snippet of the incredible time we shared with Bill. Vote Climate is dedicated to bringing these kinds of experiences to folks. We want to see a world where engagement with the climate crisis is front and center.

Our Mission: Vote Climate is a non-partisan organization dedicated to encouraging public awareness of the climate crisis and associated justice issues. Our efforts include unifying communities in order to promote climate solutions and supporting legislative actions that address climate disruption. Voting will amplify our voices. (Voting in elections is critical to our mission.)

Our Vision: We envision a future in which there is ample safe access to voting, including extending voting rights to reformed felons and youth under the age of 18, and in which information about issues related to climate are based in science and social justice. It is critical that we elect Climate Champions who will craft policy around proven solutions to the crisis of climate change and will focus on the health and safety of their constituents over the greed of fossil fuel industries.


Thank you for your generous support of our work at Vote-Climate. Please know that we honor your contributions with our dedication to address the most important issue of our time, the climate crisis. 

Join us in our work. We would love to hear from you! 

The poster below represents just one of the many events we worked on this year. The majesty of Mississippi was honored with Indigenous singing and drumming. We wish you could have been there. It is our hope to make this an annual event, and with your support, we plan on it!

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