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We believe that a volunteer not only helps the community in which they serve, but are themselves empowered by helping and inspiring others.

Last year, we helped a volunteer reach her goal of traveling to San Salvador to do some much needed work in a community torn apart by the ravages of substance abuse.

She explained to us that the only obstacle in her way was the cost of her airfare. We decided that we could help, so by providing her airfare, she succeeded in bringing much needed help and hands-on support to a day center for recovering addicts- a center that struggles to keep it's doors open , and fully appreciated the support that an extra pair of hands can bring.

At Volunteer Transport, that's what we do - we make that kind of help happen, and we can only do it with the kind support of people like you.

Our latest project- to bring 6 volunteers to New Orleans to help in the rebuilding of the lower ninth ward - will need $3500 to succeed. If you're reading this, then it means we are still fundraising for this project through this site and also our home website.

Like the volunteer who returned from San Salvador not just grateful that she had been given the opportunity to help, but also with a far deeper and fuller personal understanding of what community means, we take pride in spreading the spirit of volunteerism as far as it can go, touching all communities and enriching all of our lives.

Every donation, no matter how small, is an important one, and helps us along our way to helping others.

We appreciate your kind support.

Thank You

Patrick O'Brien

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