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We provide a safe environment for East African women in times of crisis and change.

Voice of East African Women (VEAW) was founded because of an urgent need for East African and Muslim women to have a place where they can be safe, receive the services and healing that they need, as well as connect with other women to support each other. We were founded in 2012 to offer shelter, support, advocacy, prevention and education services to survivors of violence as well as to help create a community to overcome abuse and succeed in their renewed lives. We know that the development of this comfort zone is critical, as cultural and language barriers are severe and dissuade East African and Muslim women from seeking services that they need.

Voice of East African Women (VEAW) strives to empower women to share their stories and experiences and promotes individualized safety planning based on our belief that women are the experts in their own lives. Through promising and best practices in education, intervention and prevention as women face domestic abuse; physical, sexual and mental abuse; and sex trafficking, we provide opportunities to receive culturally sensitive family healing and support services. We seek to advocate that the voices of East African women are heard, by bringing the community together to support each other in times of crisis and change.

We are excited to be opening the first shelter for East African women in the state of Minnesota. VEAW is opening this shelter so that East African and Muslim women and their children will have their own facility. The shelter will provide short-term housing for women and children who are escaping an abusive situation or sex trafficking. At the shelter, they will be able to be comfortable in getting the help that they need through safe housing, counseling, individualized safety planning, and other services that will improve their health and well-being. They will be able to connect with each other to share ideas and receive the important support that leads to healing.

VEAW also provides the following services:

-a one-stop advocacy program at the Hennepin County Domestic Abuse Center that helps navigate the many complicated systems impacting East African victims of domestic abuse and providing them with ready access to legal assistance and social services that they need

-Circle of Mothers where women regularly come together to support each other and discuss issues that impact them

-the Healing Hands Wellness Center that provides an environment of healing for women who are victims of abuse and for women who are facing challenges in their lives including massage, energy healing, and help improving breathing

We rely on our friends and supporters to keep us going strong and create a community where violence will not be tolerated. Your donation is truly important to us in helping strengthen our ability to provide needed services and raise awareness about the needs and concerns of East African women and children.

Please GIVE and donate today for us to help and to empower women and children.

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