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Growing Succesful Veterans

Veteran Valor Farm - assisting other Veterans to get back on their feet. Veteran Valor uses a farming environment to encourage internal growth, skill development and motivation to live at a standard and Quality of life that veterans deserve.

Combating Veteran Homelessness

Veteran homelessness seems to be a perpetual problem here in the United States, and with no end to war or violence in sight, its about time we try new approaches to this age old problem.

Veteran Valor brings veterans out of the woods, basements, garages and onto our farm to motivate them to live a quality, purposeful life. They are given the time and resources to straighten out their life and move forward with the knowledge and security that the farm and its community will always be there to support them. 

Housing- Housing is only the first step in helping a homeless veteran. Being comfortable in your environment is important for success and motivation. Being able to participate with the farming activities and projects brings a feeling of accomplishment and community.

Veteran Community- Being around other veterans will also motivate them to succeed. Having an organization of other veterans is very important for the mental health of veterans. Having this community of peers to call on for help while at the farm, and anytime after, is very important for motivation and health.

Work Selection- Many Veterans feel like they don't fit into the regular work space. This is a large barrier to entry for veterans, as they don't even attempt as they simply don't believe there is a job out there that they could do comfortably. Well, we encourage them to look "outside of the Box", look for job they didn't know existed. We have a list of jobs that are Vet friendly not because the employers are willing to hire vets, but Vets fit well in them, fitting them with work that pairs them with the amount of responsibility they can handle or desire. We plan on having each veteran intern at more than one job to find their perfect match.

Farming- Though turning veterans into farmers is not our first priority, it is not beyond our reach. Unfortunately, becoming a farmer is a very expensive venture for one without land, let alone money. We find becoming a farmer more of future goal if they so wish, as we want to concentrate on getting them stable for the time being, and then encourage them to get to where they want to be doing want they want to do.

Job Skills- We plan to teach the skill needed for many jobs right on the farm. Jobs that have plenty of openings and take less than 6 months of training or on the job training. We will assist veteran is finding and receiving the training they will need for the career they have decided on with our help.

Future support- Once we have stood the veteran up with helping hand, dust him off and get him employment, it does not stop there. The farm will be a community that vets can always come back to, for socialization with other vets or for help in anything we can handle, even a brake job.

Animal therapy- Animal therapy has become a proven process for helping people achieve a specific physical, social, cognitive and emotional goals. The instinctual relationship between veteran and an animal can be very healing. We have a unique relationship with a local therapy ranch, and plan on developing our own, dog base, therapy, that give the veteran the opportunity to adopt a dog. Often, a veteran will not go out of his way to help himself, but would bend over backwards for anyone relying on him, this relationship between man dog motivates the veteran to be better person, if not just to get the dog he love what it deserves.   

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