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With Relentless Curiosity, Open Mathematical Doors!

US Math Recovery Council® is a non-profit organization dedicated to teacher professional development and understanding children's development of mathematics.  

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  •  US Math Recovery Council® has served more than 3100 teachers in 2014.
  •  We have awarded $22,500 in scholarships in 2014.
Math Recovery® offers a unique approach to student learning and professional development.  Providing a teacher access to knowledge derived from research on children’s thinking positively influences instruction and student achievement in mathematics.

Children enter school with a varying amount of mathematical experiences.  Children having few mathematical experiences before entering school commonly begin elementary school up to 2 years behind their grade level peers.  US Math Recovery® courses support K-5 educators in assessing their students' strengths and areas for growth and in delivering quality instruction at the cutting edge of each a child's learning.

Our Math Recovery® Intervention Specialist (MRIS) and Add+VantageMR® (AVMR) courses develop professional expertise in the areas of:
  1. One-on-one intervention
  2. Small group instruction
  3. Classroom instruction
  4. Instructional leadership

MRIS is recognized by the Center on Response to Intervention as an additional or alternative instructional intervention, which demonstrates scientific rigor and evidence of improving academic outcomes for students with unsatisfactory performance. Unlike other featured programs, Math Recovery Intervention is the only unscripted, dynamic program, meaning that we develop teacher expertise in assessment and responsive instructional decision-making.

What teachers are saying about Math Recovery® courses:
  • “I honestly believe this is the most effective professional development class I have taken because of the intensity of information, as well as quality. This has been the most informative and hands-on experience I have had.”
  • "First I say-I wish ALL math teachers could take this course! Best way to really get into your student's head and truly understand how they approach math. Wonderful course! I could sit through many more hours - so much to learn and it's all so relevant."  
  • “The class was the best PD I’ve taken EVER! It was purposeful, useful, provided time to create items to take back to school. I can go back to class and use the information right away.  This class taught me about math and how math works and how learners learn! Thank you!”
  • “Everything I know started with Math Recovery®; I will never teach the same way again. It builds foundations. Math Recovery® is good instruction for intervention, but also for acceleration and on-level teaching.” 
  • I think this course is very valuable! It not only leaves you with new/deeper understandings, but it is practical and relevant to what we’re trying to do in our classrooms every day.” 

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