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We're changing mindsets about ability and disability.

We believe there is no separation between art and advocacy, that by creating together we are expanding culture to be more accessible to everyone across the disability-ability spectrum and all its intersections. In each class, we practicing listening, learning, self-expressing, and self-advocating in ways that are as unique as each person and each relationship. Ours is the art of connection without assumption. When you choose to invest in our work, you become a part of our creative movement towards an ableist-free present, one small moment at a time.

We’re a small organization that makes a tremendous impact, so your dollars go a long way! Individual Supporters like you power 11% of all our programming, which reaching thousands of individuals across disabilities, ages, and experiences in the Twin Cities, MN and beyond, annually. Invest in Access today and join our growing community of artists and advocates.

Thank you for your curiosity about and investment in Upstream Arts and the work that we do at the intersection of Arts, Disability, and Learning. We wouldn't be able to do this work without you!

With gratitude for all you do,

All of us at Upstream Arts


Upstream Arts uses the power of the creative arts to activate and amplify the voice and choice of individuals with disabilities.


We will change mindsets about ability and disability and promote more connected and engaged communities by increasing intentional opportunities for shared creative experiences.


Upstream Arts was founded in 2006 by parents that witnessed first-hand the positive impact of the arts education on their son, Caleb. Caleb, who is non-verbal, was born with Cornelia de Lange Syndrome, which affects his physical and cognitive development. Caleb’s father, a professional theatre artist and educator in the Twin Cities, exposed Caleb to theatre and dance at a young age. Caleb, who previously had few tools to communicate, began to use the physical movements, body language, and facial expressions he learned through the arts to communicate and engage with those around him. Out of this spirit and determination, Upstream Arts was born.

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