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Navigate MN is an immigrant-led, multigenerational, Latinx based community organization that builds power for gender, racial and economic justice. 

We believe in: 

*COMMUNITY coming together and being in relationship with one another to transform the systems and institutions that affect us.  

*LEADERSHIP development support for working-class and mixed-status Latinxs that honors our cultural wealth and provides community-led strategies and solutions.

*POWER that comes from being relationship with one another and holds those in office accountable to our missions, vision and values. We build power trough campaigns that develop our members’ abilities to lead our organization, our movement, and society. 

We see a Minnesota that honors the inherent dignity and worth of all living beings - regardless of age, race, class, gender identity, dis/ability and/or immigration status. 

Our campaign priorities are: community defense under a deportation state, full Latinx census count participation, new voter turn out for 2020, ethnic studies for all Minnesotans, fully funded public schools, 100% renewable energy and youth leadership development. 

We are in relationship with community members in the Metropolitan Area, Southern suburbs, South-Central and Southwest Minnesota. We are proud office tenants of Mercado Central in South Minneapolis.

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