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With your financial support, Ujamaa Place will stabilize and transform the lives of African American young men, aged 18-30, who have experienced involvement with the criminal justice system, are homeless, unemployed and undereducated. 

Ujamaa Place stabilizes the lives of the most marginalized population in our communities through culturally centric programming. Ujamaa Men enroll in the Theory of Transformation program within a community environment that addresses: 1) Stable housing, 2) Increased education, 3) Consistent employment earning minimum wage, 4) Financial and emotional connection to family and children, and 5) No criminal activity.  These programs, empower the men to be productive members of society by taking full responsibility and care for their children and families.

The Wilder Research and Constellation Fund return on investment (ROI) analyses of Ujamaa Place suggests a return of almost $5.00 for every $1 invested in Ujamaa Place, as well as an estimated net gain for society of almost $4,000,000. Both recognize Ujamaa as having quantifiable impacts on not only participants but our communities as well. To date, more than 4,500 men have been served; a mere 4% have been returned to incarceration compared to a national recidivism rate of 71%.

“The best way to stop the problem of violent crime in the inner city is prevention and intervention in the lives of young Black men who most often are the victims and perpetrators of these crimes.   Ujamaa Place is achieving this intervention and igniting personal transformation for the young men in the Ujamaa Community.”

Commissioner of Public Safety, State of Minnesota John Harrington – SPRING 2009

Your gift today will impact not only the lives of the young African American men we currently serve, but for years to come, their families and our entire communities.  But such intervention and transformation can only occur with your help.  Please join us today to make a difference in everyone’s tomorrow.  

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