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The Mission of Twin Cities Nonviolent is to reduce violence in all its forms, increase awareness and engagement in nonviolent policies and practices, bring together local community organizations, including nonprofits, religious institutions, educational institutions, and government agencies and dismantle the structures and systems that lead to violence throughout the Twin Cities and beyond.

We envision a Twin Cities community that is free from violence.

“Our intention is to reduce suffering in the world by challenging the unjust and oppressive social structures and by promoting peace with justice, equality and dignity for all.”

–  Fr. Harry J Bury, creator of Twin Cities Nonviolent (Eight Points to Peace)

We are so grateful for your support for with you, we can partner with so many organizations that share a commitment to a nonviolent world. Our plans for 2023 include many more opportunities for all of to work side by side for a peace-filled world.

Please join us in our vision and please donate. Thank you!

Following this publicity piece for Twelve Days Free from Violence 2022, are four videos of events that took place this year.

These events are (from left to right)

1. Environmental activist Bill McKibben, joined us on September 30, 2022

2. Father Harry Bury receives the Hawkinson Award for Peace and Justice

3. Rally to End Gun Violence, St. Paul, Minnesota  

4. Opening Day of Twelve Days Free from Violence 2022, September 21, 2022

P.S. Are you interested in being a part of our Founder’s Circle? Contact Fr. Harry Bury at for more information and a meeting.

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