Twin Cities Housing Development Corporation

A nonprofit organization

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TCHDC’s mission is to provide
affordable rental housing throughout the Twin Cities metro area.


  • provides quality affordable rental housing for families, respectful of the neighborhood in which the housing is located.



Success Stories

++ Middle school children at the Calibre Ridge Resource Center worked to develop a community service project in service to others. Although these teens are from low income families themselves, they worked on a project making 70 scarves for homeless teens at the Safe Zone Drop-In Center. Our students learned that they can help make a difference in other peoples’ lives, in addition to appreciating the value of having a stable home themselves.

++ ‘Peter', 35, came to programming homeless and in need of work. He had been homeless for 1.5 years, living out of his car. He was referred to training (truck driving school) with his tuition fully covered. He currently works 30 hours per week at a local trucking company; He is a wage earner able to pay rent on his own studio apartment. Now that his life is stabilized, he has been able to obtain visitation rights with his daughter. Not only has Peter been helped, but over
the long run his daughter will benefit from a relationship with her father.

++ A young boy, ‘Mohammed’, moved with his family to Liberty Plaza and began participating in the ResourceCenter’s after school academic enrichment program. When he first arrived, Mohammed’s English skills were very limited. Within a few weeks, his English skills blossomed. When staff at the Resource Center expressed how impressedthey were that he had learned English so quickly, Mohammed replied, “No, it’s because of all the things you do with me at the Plus Time program to teach me so many new words and the way you help me so much.”

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Twin Cities Housing Development Corporation

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