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Believe in the power of stories to inspire.

Believe in stories to connect us. 

Believe in TVbyGIRLS and the new  Creative Collective.

We are all exhausted and ragged with the intense challenges of our world this year..a global pandemic, environmental crisis, world-wide uprisings for justice, walls of mistrust and anger and pain.  We are looking towards a future that can offer change. The only antidote we know is to remember what we believe in and try to act.  

  • We believe in the power of authentic stories to connect us 
  • We believe in our resilient spirits and creative problem-solving  
  • We believe that our ideas have power and our action matters
  • We believe everyone in our work moves the good forward in their lives.
  • We believe in cross-cultural and cross-generational collaborations

    We are expanding our programs to bring elders and young people together to create stories of our lives. We are experimenting with new ways to help everyone tell their unique stories online.  
  • Virtual Adventures in Visual Storytelling is a new TVbyGIRLS adventure that nurtures and challenges everyone to find  ALIVENESS and resiliency.

We are continuing with a strange and wonderful documentary project called Life in Boggled Times: stories of 2020 based on the work we are doing in our Adventures classes.

Here's a couple of sections from the Adventures class with 55+students based on sharing their stories about living through lockdown!


              The girls from our programs have gone on to:

Wolf has a degree in computer programming and creative writing from Augsburg and continues to work as a radical spoken word poet and writer.

Rachel graduated from Harvard Divinity School

Katie is in NY and has been working as a sign language interpreter.  This year she graduated from Law School with an interest in Disability Rights.

Kirsten is going to law school too! These amazing young people are digging into their work for justice.

Hannah is in Atlanta working as a filmmaker after she got her Masters Degree at Cambridge

Jasmin is raising two amazing young boys.  Twins run in her family!

Molly is back in Minnesota after finishing her degree in New Media and social justice, working as a staff editor at Carmichael Lynch and doing graduate work at MCAD.

Leah is writing screenplays in New York after graduating from NYU's Tisch film school and co-teaching the Adventures classes with Barbara.

Amalia just moved to CA.  She was recruited by Apple to make films with them. Yes, that APPLE!

Mo is working toward a degree in social work focusing on action with people with disabilities.

Saida is back in Somali with her Masters in International Education, making a difference in her homeland

Serena graduated from DePaul and traveled the world as a camera assistant on racial justice films.  She is back in Minnesota continuing to work on the front lines with a justice organization and working on films including one with Barbara about amazing women of color in academia.

and that's just a few of the amazing people we have worked with...

We have 21 years of successful filmmaking, social change, story sharing and growing.  It works, we have proof.

                                     OUR HISTORY

In 2001, a group of women working in the media, education and youth development came together to create a way that girls could be empowered to develop leadership and use the tools of media to create the world we all want to live in--one that gives voice to lots of different ideas and unheard stories.

TVbyGIRLS was born

 The results?  Workshops, Mentoring, films seen around the world, kick-ass young girls, non-conforming and trans people and elders partnering to shake up the status quo.

AND NOW? Our amazing organization is growing up as our girls become young leaders making a better world for everyone.  Just like we all can.

So what are we going to do?

                 OPEN A DOOR...  to new opportunities

                         (we call it wise people's creative collective)

TVbyGIRLS is traveling the world....virtually...

*We are creating thematic curriculum and resources of films made by youth and wise women to open conversations about issues of importance to young people to make available through our new online portal. 

*We are expanding our network of partners to bring work IN and OUT in a new powerful way. 


TVbyGIRLS is opening doors, pioneering new ways to tell stories!  

The fun is about to begin and we think you are an integral part of it! Please JOIN US.

 Every Girl can help Shape a BETTER WORLD


Every Person has Wisdom to Share.

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