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TRUST, Inc. was created almost 50 years ago to get congregations and the community working together to provide needed services.

TRUST MISSION: TRUST unites and mobilizes congregations and the community to serve and empower our neighbors.

 VISION: We will  provide services that enhance well-being & dignity;  foster collaboration among south Minneapolis congregations; and  connect generations to build a caring & inclusive community

 VALUES:  Compassion  Connection  and Service

You can still stay at home & give!

The Walker 5/10K Stride for Seniors scheduled for June 6 has gone virtual!

The Stride for Seniors Walker 5/10K which we usually piggyback onto to raise sponsorship money for TRUST Parish Nursing has gone virtual. So, if they can run and walk virtually, we can solicit champions to sponsor the virtual walkers. It is the perfect date, location and cause. Parish Nursing could use your help.

You don’t have to register for the 5K (if you do want to register to help Walker, go to . If you just want to raise money for Parish Nursing, send a check to TRUST or give thru GiveMN at the top of this page. Mark it for Walk for Parish Nursing.  At the web site, you can also download a sponsor form here, get all sorts of sponsors and bring the form and money to TRUST, 9 W. Rustic Lodge Ave. Minneapolis 55419. Questions? Contact us 612-827-6159 or We can do this!

Funding is an issue for us right now. TRUST has twenty member congregations who pledge support.. With the churches in lock down, some of them are not able to give money to TRUST.  Church pledges and individual giving brought in $86,354 last year. Estate Sales have ended for now so the 30% that we make from each sale is gone ($41,000 came in last year).  We had to cancel our spring Caritas concert.   We have had some very generous individual donations recently and are so grateful. We could use more! We can use your help. 

During this time of COVID 19, most of TRUST’s programs are continuing, just in a different way:

Since beginning Meals on Wheels in 1973, we have prided ourselves on the daily in-person delivery of a hot fresh meal which also serves as a check-in with the recipient. In the annual survey, 43% said the Meals on Wheels meal is usually or often the only food they eat each day, and 46% said that the MOW delivery volunteer is usually or often the only person they see each day. Now with Covid, we have lost our corporate drivers, and some of our elderly drivers are sheltering. We put a call out on Next Door and to Metro Meals on Wheels asking for volunteers, and forty people signed up. Still, to mitigate risk, now we are delivering frozen meals once a week to our clients. Same amount of food, just all at once. We will return to daily deliveries as soon as possible.  In the past three weeks, we have added 20 new clients because of the virus. 

Since the change in delivery and with everyone being more isolated, Meals on Wheels has created a buddy system for our clients. This volunteer buddy calls the client once or twice a week to check on them and see if their basic needs are being met. If the volunteer cannot directly help the client, they will report back to the office so the appropriate resource will be found. The goals of the buddy system are to help clients feel more comfortable during this unprecedented time, to help ease any loneliness, and to provide another layer of support. 

Chore Program – Yard spring cleanup will begin soon. The mowing list for summer is being developed. Of those responding to their annual survey, 89% said that TRUST Chore services helped them to continue to live safely in their own homes. Many of our Chore clients have no family nearby, and they are very isolated. So, we offered the same buddy system to our Chore clients. 

The Parish Nurse is answering lots of phone calls and emails and checking in with clients.

Grocery Transportation – normally, how the program works is that the Grocery Transportation driver picks people up and takes them grocery shopping. We have four routes a week. Now we have transitioned, and the driver gets the grocery list by phone, enters it into Instacart, picks up the groceries and delivers them to the clients. We are not taking new clients at this time.

The Gathering Respite program for people with memory issues and the caregiver support group have been suspended until further notice. Avinity, our partner, is following up with the caregivers.

Our Estate Sale program begins again for a sale on June 5 and 6.

TRUST Builders are on vacation until Urban Homeworks begins its work again.

TRUST Youth have been doing activities via Zoom.

Help us continue to do "good works" for the community.






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