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At Tree Trust, we are all about transforming lives and landscapes

We inspire and help volunteers to plant hundreds of trees in our communities every year, and we help promising young people overcome barriers they’re facing, so they can join the workforce and build productive careers.

As you know, our current COVID-19 crisis has both health and economic impacts. Tree Trust is poised to address both, as we transform both lives and landscapes in our work every day — building a healthier planet by ensuring hundreds of trees are planted every year, and building a better economic future by ensuring young people can grow sustainable, family-supporting careers. 

During this #GiveAtHomeMN week, you can help unemployed young people go to work during this COVID-19 crisis, AND help the planet! 

To learn more about Tree Trust's efforts to transform lives and landscapes, please visit our website:

About Tree Trust

Tree Trust was created in 1976 to address two problems in our communities: the devastation of the urban tree canopy due to Dutch elm disease and the high unemployment and poverty rates for youth and adults at the time. We began combating these issues by hiring unemployed individuals and training them to plant trees and reforest the Twin Cities. 

Since then, we have expanded to offer integrated JobPrep programs, community forestry and environmental education programs. Our mission is to improve the community environment by investing in people.

Thank you for your interest and support! 

All donations are tax-deductible. Our federal EIN: 41-1291626.

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