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Meet Melanie! Melanie heard about Tree Trust's Branches program while exploring careers where she could contribute positively to the environment. Branches is a Career Pathways program offering young people paid training to develop transferrable professional skills and technical landscaping and tree care skills. For Melanie, it was a perfect fit!

Melanie didn’t grow up in a family that routinely used power tools. She was initially intimidated by chainsaws, skid steers, Dingos (compact utility loaders) and even lawnmowers. But she quickly gained confidence through the hands-on training that the Branches trainers provided. 

In addition to learning to use the tools, Melanie also learned tree identification and pruning techniques along with practical skills like how to attach a trailer and understand utility markings. And beyond the practical aspects of tree care, Melanie has developed a sincere appreciation for the value of trees. She is passionate about ensuring we have a vibrant and resilient urban forest

During her Branches training, Melanie shared how empowering it was to both climb a tree and fell a tree for the first time. These experiences were so empowering that, after completing the Branches program, Melanie pursued a job in the tree care industry. She is currently training to be a climbing arborist at Davey Expert Tree Company

Your gift today will transform lives and landscapes, just like Melanie is doing!

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