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Have you ever felt hopeless, lonely or isolated?  Have you suffered from abuse, an illness or an addiction?  Have you ever experienced deep loss, been sad or discouraged?  Have you had family issues, felt stress, confusion or anxiety?  And the list can go on and on...   

There is so much hurt and suffering in our world.  You can help to change that.  You can make a difference and help to transform someone’s life today. 

Sometimes the struggles of this world can become too much for us, causing us to become ill not only physically, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Healing of the mind, body, or our soul is possible.  

So often we seek help for our bodily wounds without recognizing that we suffer from interior wounds that affect the health of our bodies and minds. These wounds, referred to as “wounds of the heart”, require special attention.

At Transformed by Love Ministries we address these wounds of the heart. No one should have to struggle alone.  We accompany people through the struggles of life.  We are a ministry of caring presence helping individuals work through life’s difficulties.  We provide one-on-one Christian care and serve all people, those who follow a particular faith and those who do not.

There is hope and that hope is you. You can help heal one heart at a time. We are asking you to join with us by helping to provide resources through the Healing Hearts Annual Campaign.  With every gift no matter the size, you can help heal a heart by becoming a Healing Hearts partner. Collectively we can transform lives. How many hearts can you help heal today? 

As a Healing Hearts partner your gift will make a difference.  With your support our goal is to change  as many lives as possible.  Our goal for 2019 is to sponsor 100 Hearts  by means of raising $30,000.  Let’s not allow another broken heart to go untouched.  Jesus healed the sick one by one.  He asks us to do the same.  Jesus said “Amen, amen, I say to you, whoever believes in me will do works that I do, and will do greater ones than these.” John 14:12  

We all desire love, and through your kindness and generosity today we can begin to heal one heart at a time.  Your financial donation supports individuals in their healing process and for the continued operation of Transformed by Love and its ministries.  Put your faith into action.  Your gift will make a difference in someone’s life.  Please consider becoming a Healing Hearts partner.

Thank you for your generosity and support.  Without caring and loving partners like you we simply wouldn’t exist.


Transformed by Love Ministries has been a Godsend for me in the past few months.  I have struggled with an autoimmune condition for most of my life and have found myself in some dark places when my sickness takes hold of me.‌ Transformed by Love helped connect me with the right people to pray with me, and connected me with the right doctors who would listen to me and journey with me.  In the process, I have found tremendous healing not only in my physical  being, but in spirit, and my relationship with others.   I cannot stress the importance of  finding  the right people to journey with you on  your quest for health.

Transformed by Love Ministries is doing great work connecting likeminded professionals within the community who seek to bring the grace of God within their practice, so they may truly and more fully assist their clients. - Betsy


Transformed by Love Ministries is a nonprofit Christian ministry welcoming people of all faiths.  Our mission is accomplished by being present to whoever enters our doors.  This ministry of presence is one of focusing on listening with a non-judgmental and compassionate ear.  We pray with individuals and assist them in finding additional resources for healing of any kind - mind, body, or soul.

‌These resources share a common thread in that each is an instrument of God's healing love, guided by the hand of God.  These resources include medical professionals, clergy, community and social services, and counselors.

As our ministry grows the list of available resources will continue to grow with it.  We acknowledge that all people are created in the image and likeness of God and that all people have dignity and are worthy of love. God's love for each of us is a personal love. No one is exempt from the fullness and healing power of God's love.  Our prayer is that people will find a place that reflects the love of God at Transformed by Love Ministries. 

It is this very love that is the source of all healing.  We are here to accompany individuals on their journey.  Transformed by Love Ministries services are provided FREE of charge.  We work in collaboration with Essentia Health, Spiritual Care Services.  An individual’s spiritual health can profoundly impact their physical health, well-being, and quality of life. Please visit our website at

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