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Transformational Opportunities provides scholarships to assist families and individuals in need to acquire targeted skills training.

Amanda had always struggled in school and worked harder than her peers just to keep up. “It saddened me to see her struggle in school, particularly with her reading,” her dad, Bob, recalls. He sought help all along the way – including tutoring programs and extra assistance from teachers – but the core problems remained. By her senior year in high school her dreams of college had changed from ‘where’ to ‘if’. After failing to achieve the minimum acceptable ACT score twice, which led to being rejected for admission by her college of choice, Amanda and her parents turned to LearningRx, one of the service providers for Transformational Opportunities.

“Their help has been a tremendous benefit to Amanda,” reports Bob, “and a wonderful experience for us.” At the mid-point of her training, Amanda retook the ACT. As a result of her training, Amanda’s score increased significantly!

One month after receiving her ACT results, the college that had previously rejected her sent an unsolicited letter congratulating Amanda on being accepted to school this fall. With tears of joy, Amanda called her dad and proclaimed, “I got accepted to college, Daddy!”

For years, Owen’s parents, Jack and Melissa, felt helpless and hopeless when it came to his learning and behavior. ADHD greatly impacted his ability to focus, and dyslexia further complicated his attempts to read and learn. At the end of 1st grade he could not evn consistently identify all the letters of the alphabet. Reading seemed impossible. Despite efforts by his teachers, Owen just fell further and further behind.

Jack and Melissa found the answer to Owen’s challenges through Transformational Opportunities. Melissa reports, “The progress was slow at first, suddenly we saw dramatic changes. His illegible handwriting became beautiful printing, his memory drastically improved, and his ability to sit in a seat and work actually existed. He is a totally transformed kid. His ability to pay attention has improved to the point where we have to tell people he has ADHD instead of it being obvious. He is excited about reading, which we thought was impossible. He tries to read road signs and billboards and it brings tears to my eyes every time. Before his teachers would have to force him to write a sentence, but now he writes stories. My whole life is different because I have such hope for his future. Transformational Opportunities has given him a future, and I am forever grateful.”

But there is still so much more to do to help individuals and families in need....
Transformational Opportunites seeks to make targeted skills training financially available to individuals and families who demonstrate financial need -- individuals and families who otherwise would be denied the lifelong benefits of such training. That is why the  generosity of our donors is so very important.  

There are many children and adults who need to learn to be "bully proof." Perhaps you know or have known such an individual. What difference would it make in his or her life to learn the skills to stand up for him or herself. What would it be worth to give this individual the self-confidence, not only to stand up, but to succeed?

In the classroom and the workplace, there are many individuals who are held back and experience repeatedly that they are failures, that no matter what they do, they're just not good enough. What difference would it make to receive the opportunity to develop the cognitive skills necessary for success in school or on the job? Imagine the difference in grades, the difference in higher learning opportunities, the difference in career paths, the difference in promotions and advancement that you could make in such an individual's life.

Compared to the cost of doing nothing -- costs that have been shown repeatedly often include antisocial behavior, low-paying dead-end jobs, and even imprisonment -- we cannot afford to stand by and do nothing. Skills to improve life circumstances can be taught, developed, and strengthened.

Scholarships for cognitive skills training have been shown to have a direct and significant contribution to the economic wellbeing in the community where they are invested. On average the econmic return to the community is $150,000 over the lifetime of the recipient of a 24-week cognitive skills training scholarship.


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