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Less than one week until Give to the Max 2023! Over the next week we will be sharing stories from around Touchstone for you to learn more about our work and the people we serve! 

Hayleigh's Story: 

Hayleigh has a new apartment, a part time job and is excited to start college, like many in their early twenties.  However, just a year ago, she was experiencing anxiety, depression, using drugs and sleeping on a couch.  Hayleigh was busy working, but she was having difficulty coping each day. She was overwhelmed and her anxiety kept her from making changes in her life.

Hayleigh says her life started to change when she was referred to Touchstone’s Care Coordination Program. Her Care Coordinator, Taylor, helped her to set goals and to take one step at a time, instead of trying to tackle everything at once. “I needed a road map for my life and a plan for where I was going,” says Hayleigh.  She got help for her substance abuse, and learned skills to manage her anxiety so she could work on one goal at a time. Hayleigh’s Care Coordinator helped her find an apartment and helped her with her with her college and financial aid applications.

Hayleigh says, “I was able to move past a lot of life’s speedbumps with Touchstone’s help. I think about things in a different way and I know how to approach my goals.” Hayleigh is now excited about life – she has a home, a car, has held a job for 1 ½ years and will be starting school at Inver Grove Heights Community College.  She continues to receive mental health support and attend Narcotics Anonymous.  Hayleigh gives Touchstone “two thumbs up.”  She says, “I went from no hope in my life to looking forward to my future, thanks to the services I received.”

Please join us in helping more people, like Hayleigh, to reach their dreams.

Simone's Story: 

Simone heard the explosion. She smelled smoke, saw rubble, dust, and injured people. She was shocked by the bombing, but quickly stepped in to help others. A few weeks later, Simone left her family in East Africa, and was on her way to college in the Twin Cities. After graduating, she married and made Minnesota her home.

Life was good for Simone, until 9/11. Like all of us, she was upset, but it also brought back her memories and feelings from the bombing. Simone was later diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Two years ago, her symptoms became debilitating. “I had no money since I wasn’t working. I was so anxious and depressed that I didn’t set foot outside my apartment door for six months,” she said.

Simone was on the brink of losing her housing. She finally went to see her doctor and was hospitalized for PTSD and depression. Simone was referred to Touchstone for housing and mental health support. Her psychiatrist also recommended an emotional support dog. Within months, Simone received a donated dog, named Arwen. Touchstone staff helped her access housing and basic needs funds for dog training, so Arwen could stay in her apartment.

Simone’s life has improved in the last year because of her dog, Touchstone staff, and peer support. “I used to be isolated, but now I see my providers and I’m outdoors six times a day with my companion dog. I went from walking 20 steps a day to 6,000,” she said.

 “My dog helps me navigate my emotional and physical life and Touchstone helps with everything else,” she said. “I thought nothing could help me, but I’m living life now, even with PTSD and depression.”

Simone is just one example of our work to meet each person’s unique needs. We provide support for basic needs, mental health, and housing for 2,000 people each year.

Join us in helping people, like Simone, have hope for their future.


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