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"I will be grateful to and for TLC for the rest of my life. I mean it."

- Michael Kleber-Diggs, poet, St. Paul, MN


Who We Are & 

What We’ve Done

Tofte Lake Center's vision is a world where artists 

are recognized as the meaning-bearers of our culture 

and are equitably supported and sustained in 

their artistic voice and vision.

Since 2007 TLC has consistently provided a place for artists to reset, regenerate and ground into their lives and creative work. 

Over the years TLC has subsidized one-half of the cost of individual artist residencies for those who crave dedicated time to work on their projects and has provided space for creatives who seek individual growth through guided workshops or retreats; for organizations that value time to re/focus on their goals or mission; for thought-leaders to gather to exchange ideas with colleagues in their field.  

Each year we provide 120 artists with access to nature and well-equipped workspaces; with the ability to unplug from the pressures of daily life in a playful, supportive and inclusive community of fellow artists. 

Now, We Have a New Goal!

TLC’s Board of Directors has recently released their new 5-year strategic plan which includes 

a clear goal for TLC to offer fully subsidized artist residencies by 2026.

During the month of November gifts up to $2000 will be matched! 


What Your Gift Means to Our Community

"…I am so profoundly grateful and moved. It is clear to me that everything is carefully considered, chosen, and cared for. That sort of ineffable quality is really hard to describe, but it's something I've never encountered at a residency before -- how thoroughly everyone has thought about what a whole artist needs with their entire being, especially after constantly hustling elsewhere.”  

   - Noelle Viñas, playwright, NY

"We support Tofte Lake Center because it brings together the best of Minnesota -- the artists, the people, and nature -- all in support of building community and fostering art and artists. We know that our support is going to a place with real heart...When racial inequality rocked the Twin Cities this year, Liz made the space available to BIPOC artists in order to support the community and the artists who most needed it. That’s just what Tofte Lake Center stands for... TLC for the artists who need and deserve it!"     

   - Maren Perry, founder & president, Arden Coaching

"I live in Ely and, as an artist, I've personally experienced how being immersed in nature inspires creativity. Taking a break from the “work” of art to be still and connect with nature is transformative. Knowing that Tofte Lake Center gets this and is right down the road supporting and nurturing artists of all backgrounds and disciplines makes me feel proud to be part of it by serving on the board and by contributing financially." 

  - Sharee Johnson, silversmith and vice chair, Tofte Lake Center Board of Directors


Your Gift of Any Amount Matters!  

Together, Let's Keep Artist Residencies Affordable!

...with Great Gratitude for Your Gift...

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