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Who is Tiwahe Foundation?  

Tiwahe is more than a Native-run community foundation. Tiwahe is a connector - of people, organizations, resources, knowledge, and opportunity. Tiwahe creates pathways for American Indian people to reach their goals, on their own terms, in this critical moment for defining how Native cultures, languages, and ways of being will live and grow in the coming generations.  

We do this through our flagship micro-granting program (AIFEP) and through our Oyate Leadership Network (OLN), a network weaving and leadership development program that is being re-envisioned to center the cultural needs of our Indigenous leaders in Minnesota.  Tiwahe means Native people in Minnesota have a relative wherever they go.  

Tiwahe challenges systemic barriers to the goals our people pursue. 

The dominant culture approach to philanthropy is one of those barriers. Tiwahe offers a new model for philanthropy that centers Indigenous voices and values in every decision from planning through evaluation, and we help other organizations let go of dominant culture practices that hold them back.  

Big Impact with Few Resources

In 2022 we quadrupled our AIFEP grantmaking through an intentional centering of Native culture and values. Our success means our small community-funded endowment no longer meets demand for AIFEP regranting, let alone operations, or our other programs and ambitious goals for systems change. This is why we are building a community of supporters who share and help realize our vision that the brightest days for Native people are ahead of us.  

Join the Movement for Indigenous Leadership 

You can make Minnesota a leader in uplifting Native ways of being.  Donate what you can. Every dollar counts. Every $2,500 brings one AIFEP project closer to reality, creating a lifetime of change for individuals, families, and communities.  Connect and share our mission with your network to grow our Circle of Generosity: 

Who can you invite to join and support our movement? We are always eager to connect with potential donors, AIFEP applicants, and Oyate leaders. Learn more: Visit our website, subscribe to our newsletter, and follow us on social media for grant opportunities, teachings, and to learn more about our impact.  

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