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Our Vision is to support local heroes through quality on-the-water-experiences. 

Our Mission is to provide a unique on-the-water experience where our heroes come to reflect and share camaraderie.

Our Values:

1. Loyal-We are loyal to those that we serve. We provide support during the experience and check in with heroes after the Time On The Water experience. We are loyal to everyone we serve and those that volunteer with our organization.

2. Compassionate-We are compassionate to those that we serve. We listen without judgement and show empathy to their past experiences and trauma they may have endured. 

3. Caregiver-We care about our heroes. We provide an experience to help them relax after the experiences they have endured.  We care for them and offer them different resources after their experiences.

4. Generous-We are generous to our heroes. If we find one in need we try to locate services that will help them succeed. We offer them experiences at no cost to them and try to support them even after the experience.

5. Consistent-We are consistent we treat everyone the way they want to be treated. We consistently show up for them and support them not only during the trip but after the trip.

6. Team player-We are a team. We want to help others and support other organizations to make sure that heroes get the things they need.  We love helping other organizations that share our mission and vision.  

7. Tenacious- We are determined to give back to those that served. We want to succeed and help our heroes. If we know one is struggling we support them in any way that we can and try to find the resources they may need.  We want our heroes to be successful in life not only during the trip but after.

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