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TIGERRS is a nonhierarchical collective dedicated to delivering programs and resources that build solidarity and safety among transgender, intersex and gender-expansive Minnesotans.

As people who come from those communities, we understand how seriously underserved we are and we know from experience what it takes to make successful programs that serve and uplift us.

We are honored to be fiscally sponsored by Family Tree Clinic! For more details about who we are and what we do, please check out our website

Here's a breakdown of what we're currently working on!

Youth Programs

  • Teen TIGERs is a weekly youth-led social support group for trans/intersex/gender-expansive teens. The youth develop social and leadership skills by planning their own activities, which have included learning queer science, hearing from professionals about HRT and other gender-related care, and going on outings to local events and theaters. Our Teen TIGERs meet every Sunday, with one gathering online per month. 
  • Little TIGERs is a monthly social support group for trans/intersex/gender-expansive youth ages 12 and under. Kids and their parents/guardians connect with resources and other families together in a safe, positive space. Our Little TIGERs meet once a month in person. 

Intergenerational Events

  • We put on inclusive and accessible community events for people of all ages. 

Intersex Services

  • We are in the final stages of developing programming for the intersex community and training for medical professionals.

In the future, we plan to deepen and broaden our current programming, expand our services in response to community need and (hopefully!) pay the organizing crew for our work. We are always focused on building a solid, sustainable, scalable organization that can maintain our programs and prepare for growth. Your contributions will help us do this! 

For more info about who we are and what we're up to, please check out our website!

Our priority is continuing to consistently deliver our existing programs, and we need your dollars to do it! Here's what your donation will help fund: 

Youth Programs

  • Food
  • Supplies for arts, crafts and other activities
  • OUTings (field trips)
  • Storage 
  • Guest facilitators with specialized knowledge
  • Admission costs for low-income attendees

Intergenerational Events

  • Transport for attendees from our youth programs
  • Food and supplies
  • Registration fees
  • Outreach (i.e., tabling supplies, fees, volunteer stipends) 

Organizational Infrastructure

  • Stipends for volunteers and program coordinators 
  • Website, domain, email, Zoom, etc. 
  • Other boring stuff ... like staples and printing 

No other organization in Minnesota does the work we do. There's nothing we want more than to deliver amazing services to our communities and, with your help, we can do it.

We appreciate your love and support!

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