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Thrive Ed is on a mission to reinvent school. We believe that if we harness the power, imagination and insights of students, educators and the community, we can reinvent an education system that’s equitable, inclusive, powerful and individually engaging for every learner. 

Students need to be at the center of their learning experience and full partners along with their families and educators in creating a school culture that inspires the relentless pursuit of high achievement. The traditional model of schooling does not prepare students for a world in which they will need to solve increasingly complex problems and adapt to ever-changing conditions, technology and innovation. We know that Minnesota’s workforce requires a pipeline of talented and diverse youth who can think flexibly, act nimbly and consider multiple perspectives.

We partner with students by hiring them (along with educators and community partners) to do three things:

1) To design workshop experiences for students and educators to learn to co-design policies, practices and units of study that increase investment, achievement and impact (Design2Thrive Studios). 

2) To contribute to rebranding the narrative of education and inspiring innovative and new ways of transforming school and ensuring high achievement and success for all students.

3) To co-design a collaborative lab school that will be a place other educators can learn how to create school in a whole different way than how they currently work or have experienced. This project seeks to bring in a small group of students to co-design an entire school by using our co-design process and visiting schools around the world who are doing this focused personalization where students are focused on competencies and are able to co-design how they meet these competencies through internships, apprenticeships, classes, experiences. Educators work along side students to provide feedback, instruction, and mentorship to ensure students pursue passions and explore their interests and future possibilities.

We are so grateful for any support you could provide for our work. Check out our current work at

Check our our early success at this link: Thrive Ed's Early Success Outcomes

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