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Theatre Pro Rata (Mpls, MN). We create theatre where audience and artists share passion for the play.

We've made a lot of changes in how we do theater in the past few years, and much of our focus has been on how can we best support artists in order to bring the best possible theater to our audience. 

We  added a week of tech in the space for our designers. We continue to increase our stipends. We  reduced our rehearsal hours and added an extra day off each week. We have created an Equity, Inclusion, & Diversity Statement to partner with our Harassment Policy and its supplement: our Fight Choreography & Intimacy Procedure. We only consider plays written by women, LGBTQIA+, and/or BIPOC playwrights. We increased the representation of BIPOC individuals in Theatre Pro Rata casts to reflect the diversity of our Twin Cities Metro area. We add support positions (such as Trans Consultant for our recent production of Orlando, or Fight and Intimacy Choreographer for Bernhardt/Hamlet) as necessary so that our artists feel uplifted and valued.

The artists have noticed!

"I am honestly so impressed with TPR both with the practical steps you are taking to make artist lives livable (no more 10 hour work days) and with your commitment to diverse casting that matches the demographics of our community. Theatre has been such a white centric space for a long time - it takes theatres like Pro Rata actively paying attention to bring about real long term change." - Julie Phillips

With daily Golden Tickets between now and Nov 16, and hourly Golden Tickets on Give to the Max Day itself, PLUS our $3,000 Matching Goal there are so many ways to make your donation go farther! Help us meet our goals of supporting artists today.

"I really appreciate TPR's commitment to a 5-day rehearsal week. Artists need weekends and time to run errands too!" - Maggie Cramer

Theatre Pro Rata is a small professional theater company based in Minneapolis, MN.  We're interested in how we do theater, not what kind of theater it is (that's why we do edgy black comedies as well as Shakespeare). We believe the creative process is important, and if the process is meaningful, the end product will be meaningful as well.

The term "Pro Rata" is Latin for "in proportion." It refers to the distribution of shares or liabilities by an exactly calculable factor. We chose the name to reflect the collaborative nature of our theater -- meaning that we succeed in proportion to the communal efforts of a group of committed artists.

"One thing I learned in lockdown was how out of balance my life was when it came to prioritizing rest. I was perpetually overscheduled. I love Pro Rata's updated approach to tech week because I don't end the week exhausted and wondering if I still even WANT to be a theater artist. What's tech week without an emotional and professional crisis? Turns out, it's pretty great! Avoiding the 10 of 12 is so much better for keeping up my energy level. Having twice the time in the space is good for me and it's good for actors, because it doesn't feel like such a mad scramble. I have time to focus on getting the actors acclimated to the space AND I have adequate time to devote to communication with designers. It's such a gift to work with Pro Rata because I get to do what I love at the highest quality without draining myself to the point of exhaustion as we cross the finish line to open the show." - Nicole Marie Wilder

As the years have passed, Pro Rata’s reputation for consistent, high quality, artistically fulfilling, and meaningful theater has made it a company that artists want to work with and audiences want to see. This faith and commitment are humbling and overwhelming. If you haven’t done so recently, take a moment to look at our website: You can see by the photos, quotes, and reviews that our work is consistently challenging, inspiring, and worthwhile.

Pro Rata produces quality theater and we cannot do it without your financial support. Your donation keeps Pro Rata growing... every little bit matters. If each one of our audience members gave just $10, think how that would help! Pro Rata is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and your donation is 100% tax-deductible. We depend on the generosity of loyal audience members like you.

We are Pro Rata: we create smart, vivid, varied, and gutsy programming. As an audience member, you’ll be part of moving, thought-provoking theatre.

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