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Mac was born on a sunny Sunday morning at 10:10am in October 2019. He had been

with his mom, Heather, for 40 weeks and 4 days. He was born via emergency C-section

due to his heart rate being low. Unfortunately, Mac died seconds after delivery. 

Today, October 20, would have been Mac’s first birthday. For 365 days, Heather and

her family have mourned the loss of her baby boy. Heather did not really know where to

turn with her grief and how to get help. To honor Mac today, Heather and her family are

turning their grief into something positive.

The Mac Initiative is a partnership with the nonprofit Sioux Trails Mental Health Center.

The Mac Initiative mission is to provide mental health support to grieving parents of

babies who are stillborn or loss to neonatal death. The partnership is set out to eliminate

barriers for parents needing this kind of help. The first barrier for these parents is

knowing where to go for help, for this organizers have partnered with Sioux Trails.

Another barrier is cost of services, so organizers will raise funds to help other parents

get the help they need at no cost to them. 

Helping others is not new for Mac. Through LifeSource, Mac was able to donate

cartilage, and all four of his healthy little heart valves. He also donated tissue and

organs to Mayo Clinic for research. So the Mac Initiative is continuing Mac’s legacy of

helping others.

Click here to learn more about The Mac Initiative. 

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