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My name is Dr. David Groobman and I’ve dedicated myself to giving these innocent animals a new life. I founded the Kindness Ranch — American Sanctuary for Research Animals here in the beautiful rolling hill country of eastern Wyoming specifically to rescue, rehabilitate, and find new homes for as many of these retired research animals as possible.

The sanctuary opened in January, 2007 when we brought in our first group of cats, dogs, and other animals. In that short time, our small staff has already worked miracles. Signs of hope and happiness are everywhere.

If you’ve ever had a companion animal of your own, you know the incredible healing power of gentle hands and loving hearts. In the case of research animals this power is especially potent.

And a healing, affectionate home environment is exactly what we provide here.

Cats and dogs at the sanctuary live together with their human caretakers in spacious yurts specifically designed to meet their needs. They receive round-the-clock care to help them adjust to their new lives. The results are amazing.

The air and water are pure here and there’s plenty of room for the animals to run free or to be walked, to graze, to play, and to roll in the grass. And the small, low-impact, energy-efficient wooden yurts shared by the animals, staff and volunteers blend in with the natural landscape to create a sense of peace and safety.

As the sanctuary grows, we’ll be able to rescue, rehabilitated and find loving homes for hundreds of retired research animals each year.

My long-term vision is to be able to accommodate at any one time more than 300 cats and dogs, as well as hundreds of small animals like rabbits and guinea pigs, and dozens of farm animals, including pigs, horses and sheep — all of them rescued from research facilities of one type or another.

When completed the sanctuary will be an animal haven like none other. But to truly make it a reality, I need your help. Please help us to help these precious research animals.


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