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Our Story


We are known by many congregations in Minneapolis’s Northside as “The Little Church that Does.”   We are often a catalyst for ecumenical and interfaith prayer and efforts -- longing for the day when Christianity is one again.  
When you have a chance, watch this video about the miracle of unity finally happening:
We are known as a community that not only talks the talk.  But walks the walk.  Including walks around neighborhoods, praying for and with our neighbors.
Frankly, we are also known as a Pope Francis parish -- treasuring both tradition and a modern message.
The Parish Community of Saint Bridget, is a Eucharistic community rooted in the north side of Minneapolis and committed to being the peaceful, compassionate and welcoming presence of Christ in the midst of a changing neighborhood.

We do this by listening and responding to the gospel, through our liturgical life, faith formation programs, pastoral care, social justice ministry, hospitality, and outreach to the wider community.

Our Mission statement?

To be honest, we frankly feel that many congregations overthink this.  We find inspiration in Jesus clear and simple words in  Mark 12:30 - 31  and Matthew 22:36-40.  Quite simply:

Love God.     Love all others.    Love your self.

Easy to say.  But challenging to do.  But with God and with each other in this extended family, we can do it.

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The Church of Saint Bridget of Minneapolis


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