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What We Do

For 49 years, we have been creating an array of multimedia, multicultural projects with people of all ages for audiences of all ages all over the world.

Our activities are divided into three parts: art projects, video production, and teaching artist residencies.

 What You Will Support

Your donations will support our good work in progress. 

We are organizing a retrospective for the fiber artist Tressa Sularz. The exhibition will be at Homewood Studios Gallery in April, 2022. A selection of the artist’s work will show her evolution from a traditional basketmaker to a creator of sculptural forms. Work made with the four basic methods of weaving—wicker, plaiting, coiling, and twining—will be shown. Some say weaving, which is practiced worldwide, is the oldest of human arts.

One video in progress is The Jewel Boxes: Louis Sullivan. The documentary uses the seven small town bank buildings which Sullivan designed as variations to illumine a theme. The story is how artists reflect and cultivate an organic vision of their culture. We see the interior of the jewel box in Owatonna. The ornament and art reflects the life and flora of the farm country that surrounds the town.

We teach people of all ages how to express themselves by making videos and photographs which we then share with public media.


Since 1972, we have been creating a diverse range of cultural work from live performances in theaters and parks to art exhibitions in museums, libraries, and other public spaces to television broadcasts and social media streams.

Notably, The Center has produced seven documentaries directed by Mike Hazard that have been nationally telecast on PBS. In addition, we have made 228 videos that play worldwide on various social media platforms.

The Organization

The Center is a micro-nonprofit with an artist-in-residence, Mike Hazard, guided by a lively board of directors. We contract with many talented individuals and collaborate with many organizations to create new work.

The Ask

The pandemic has us hustling and making do like everyone. Our main source of income has always been teaching. Work for teaching artists in schools, community centers, and senior homes remains all too rare.

We are using our "free" time to create daily picture stories for social media, edit new videos, and dream large.

A major project in progress is organizing our archive to prepare donating it to a public library. We have always regarded the media which we have made with public funding to be a public work. This collection will be free for all to use and/or repurpose in perpetuity. 

Donate if you can, please. Ua tsaug. Danke. Gracias. Mahadsanid. Pidamaya. Miigwech. Arigato. Tak. Merci. Thank you.

Photographs by Mike Hazard 


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