The Center for International Education


The Mission
Our mission is to use the newer media to bring the arts and sciences of our time to new audiences everywhere through multimedia, multicultural activities.
Our activities are divided into three parts: teaching artist residencies, photographic projects, and video production.
Since 1972, The Center has been creating a wide and diverse range of cultural work from live performances in theaters and parks to art exhibitions and installations in museums and galleries, libraries and other public spaces to television broadcast. Click to see a history of significant activities.
We have pioneered the unusual, from production of videos with blind students at Minnesota State Academy for the Blind to national TV broadcasts to pop up art shows in drug stores and farmers markets to photo shows with immigrant students on line and in libraries that are cued with QR codes to web presences.
Notably, The Center has produced seven documentaries directed by Mike Hazard that have been nationally telecast on PBS and 160 videos that play on YouTube. You can watch our videos here.
The Organization
The Center is a lean and meaningful micro-nonprofit with only one regular employee, Media Mike Hazard. We contract with as many talented individuals as are needed to execute each special project with panache.
The Center’s Board of Directors is as follows.
> Brad Beisel is our secretary, a world traveler and our attorney.
> David Bengtson is a retired English teacher and a fine poet.  
> Cheryl Pashby Dickson is a trustee of Metropolitan State Colleges and Universities System and former president of the Minnesota Humanities Commission.
> Margaret Hasse is an acclaimed poet who earns a living as a development consultant with all sorts of cultural entities.
> Filmmaker, poet and photographer, Mike Hazard is executive director and artist in residence.
> Kimberly Nightingale is the publisher of the Saint Paul Almanac, nationally renowned for its multicultural excellence and vision of community empowerment.
> Gloria Plautz is a world traveler and retired bookkeeper for RSP Architects.
> Bruce White is an award-winning historian and anthropologist.
> Bob Williams is our treasurer and a real estate agent who loves music and history.
Our accounting is provided by Clarity Bookkeeping.
To learn more, visit our website.

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