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What We Do

For 50 years, we have been creating an array of multimedia, multicultural projects with people of all ages for audiences of all ages all over the world. 

Our activities are divided into three parts: video production, art projects, and teaching artist residencies.

What You Will Support

Your donations will support our work making loving media. 

The World's Worst Documentary Filmmaker

We’re making a short video portrait of Patrick D. Hazard (1927-2015). He was the founding father of The Center for International Education (THE CIE) and my father.
We have about 20 hours of recordings with lively scenes in Weimar, where he sang lullabies he heard his mother sing, jollied his wife Hilly, and showed us the beauties of the Bauhaus; in Philly, hanging out in his beloved house designed by Louis Kahn; in Berlin, where he haphazardly filmed neon nightlife; in Saint Paul, where we looked at my late mentor Jerry Rudquist’s paintings in a retrospective at Macalester and breakfasted at Mickey’s Diner where he accused me of being his pappaRATzi; clips from the only documentary he finished, Moses' Land of Promises, his essay film about Robert Moses and the New York World's Fair; home movies he shot 70 years ago; and more.
Wrapped inside, a film within the film, will be a scene in Louis Sullivan's bank in Owatonna where I filmed him enthusing about our hero. 

He called himself the world's worst documentary filmmaker. I liked to tease him that he was a contender. The video will touch on his teaching, writing, filmmaking, and global visions. It will be a video poem. It’s coming soon.

Next to the Phillies’ dugout, I spotted the luminous photographer Roy DeCarava. Mr. DeCarava was on assignment for Sports Illustrated (work he hated). He did not take a single picture during the several innings we sat with him. I can’t recall if my father recorded anything with his Uher. He was a freelance stringer for NPR at the time. They talked the game away. Photo by Mike Hazard

One scene within the video will compose an essay on the architect Louis Sullivan. Patrick shows us around the architect’s jewel box in Owatonna, addressing themes of organic design, how form follows function, and the architect’s challenge to America to cultivate a homegrown art. It was Patrick who turned his son on to the idea of Louis Sullivan. Photo by Mike Hazard

We teach people of all ages how to express themselves by making videos and photographs which we then share with public media. Photo by Mike Hazard


Since 1972, we have been creating a diverse range of cultural work from live performances in theaters and parks to art exhibitions in museums, libraries, and other public spaces to television broadcasts and social media streams.

Notably, The Center has produced seven documentaries directed by Mike Hazard that have been nationally telecast on PBS. In addition, we have made over 200 videos that play worldwide on various social media platforms. The example here is Cold Mountain, a lively portrait of the Tang Dynasty Chinese poet Han Shan. It features Gary Snyder, Burton Watson, Jim Lenfestey, and Red Pine speaking to the character of the poet monk.

The Organization

The Center is a micro-nonprofit with an artist-in-residence, Mike Hazard, guided by an engaged board of directors. We contract with many talented individuals and collaborate with many organizations to create new work.

The Ask

We invite you join us by supporting our new work making loving media.

Another major project in progress is organizing our archive to prepare donating it to a public library. We have always regarded the media which we have made with public funding to be a public work. This collection will be free for all to use and/or repurpose in perpetuity. 

Donate if you can, please. Ua tsaug. Danke. Gracias. Mahadsanid. Pidamaya. Miigwech. Arigato. Tak. Merci. Thank you.

We’re grateful for the waves of love that greeted Tressa Sularz's retrospective, A Soul Weaver's Journey. Five hundred people visited the exhibition during April 2023 at Homewood Studios Gallery. The retrospective was a happy collaboration of many hearts and hands. Ten writers—Margaret Hasse, Mary E. Hazard, Mike Hazard, Tish Jones, Tracy Krumm, Kristin Makholm, Kimberly Nightingale, Freya Manfred, Rob Silberman, and Joyce Sutphen—composed poems and essays to illuminate the artist and her art. Peter Lee photographed. Mark Thomas Odegard designed a beautiful book which may be downloaded free. Click for your copy


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