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The Atelier has been in existence for 50 years. It has trained not only very notable painters in the classical realist tradition during this time but is the mothership for a good number of Atelier programs worldwide. The Atelier Studio Program of Fine Art is the Crown Jewel; it is and has been located in The Twin Cities since its inception. We offer not only classes in fine picture making to a group of full time students, but also offer this same rigorous training to those who wish it, but are unable to attend our full time day program, through a series of part time day, evening, and weekend classes. We firmly believe that every Minnesotan should have the opportunity to be availed of this program. In essence, we train students to see and develop mind-eye-hand coordination skills.

Assistant Director / Instructor Laura Tundel giving student critique

We offer one-on-one critiques from our teachers, structured to fit each individual artist. To be sure that we carry out our mission, we utilize our graduate students to fill the needs in both our full time and part time classes. In order to maintain a fresh perspective, we also invite guest teachers to give workshops throughout the year that allow those who attend the ability to learn from master craftspeople, who not only pursue their own successful careers as painters, sculptors, and artists, but also are sought after nationally and worldwide to teach their skills.

Director/Instructor Cyd Wicker giving student critique

In order to bring the arts experience to the general public, we produce a free exhibition of our full time student works in May, at the end of our school year for the full time program. We offer an exhibition every other year for our part time and evening class students so they, too, can showcase their work to the community. We also offer, throughout the year, various lecture series that are usually held on Saturday to allow us to better facilitate the needs and desires within our community for those who wish to discover more about the arts.

2016 Student ShowAll of this that we offer, to our city, our state, our nation, our very world, is in jeopardy of being lost. We, as a nonprofit organization, have kept our class tuition low enough to remain affordable, so that any member of our society that is interested may be able to participate in some way within the scope of the various programs we have available to serve our community. Our full time program serves 22 full time students, our part time and evening programs serve over 400 students during their offerings, our lectures have a combined attendance of several hundred people throughout the year, and our exhibitions have been attended by thousands people from within The Twin Cities and beyond over our long history of producing these exhibits.

We now find ourselves at a critical juncture in time, as do many of us, from the current state our economic stress due to an unprecedented event in human history. This state of events has forced us to cancel nearly all of our programs temporarily. We have also needed to refund monies to those students who had signed up for our various special workshops which bring in a significant amount of our revenue stream. In order to not lose our entire following we have offered vouchers to those attending our part time and evening classes to be used at a future date when we are able to resume our efforts to bring art to our students. Our very survival is dependent on the generosity of people like you, which would allow us to be able to continue to pay the rent on our space as well as provide some modicum of payments to our staff and directors to continue to maintain our operational readiness once we are able to return to a more normal pace of life.

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