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The Tesfa Foundation builds schools and brings education to disadvantaged children in Ethiopia.

In the Ethiopian language of Amharic the word 'tesfa' means "hope". And hope is what The Tesfa Foundation brings to this proud but impoverished nation. The Tesfa Foundation provides early childhood education to disadvantaged children where no public pre-school or kindergarten is available or where substandard facilities hinder real access or quality.

Since 2004 seven schools founded by Tesfa in Ethiopia are now serving over 1,000 needy children. In October 2011 Tesfa Foundation's eighth school began construction.

Tesfa schools have sister schools in the US and UK. Tesfa programs partner with local agencies to help the parents and communities of our children. Through its Team Tesfa program, the Tesfa Foundation offers safety, education, and hope to teenage girls at risk, and vocational opportunities to young adults. Find out how you can help on our project and donation sites.

Long distance running has a rich history in Ethiopia. Several years ago Tesfa Foundation recognized and tapped this history by creating a teenage running team for at-risk and vulnerable girls. Many of the girls assist in the Tesfa schools.

By supporting Tesfa you will help bring hope to Ethiopian families and a chance to leave grinding poverty to a place in the new world economy.

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