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Tentmakers is a Christ-centered training organization that delivers practical, leadership and life skills training.

Founded as a non-profit 501(c)3 in 1979, Tentmakers has trained and equipped more than 20,000 individuals from all walks of life. Graduates consistently share how their approach to life has changed and how they feel better equipped to be others-focused, build stronger relationships, and live more intentionally. They also say their relationship with Jesus Christ has become more central to the way they live their lives, and that they have gained the confidence to inspire, influence and lead others.


Raise up young people with compassion, character and faith in Jesus Christ who have the imagination, moral fiber and tenacity to lead in all walks of life


Prepare Christ-centered leaders who equip young people with the values, skills, relationships and courage to serve, succeed and lead


Provide Christ-centered leadership training and coaching via a team-led, interactive process in which people learn through the modeling, discovery and practice of time-tested, principles in an environment of discipline, affirmation and encouragement

Fundamental to Tentmakers ministry is an unwavering commitment to consistency in the development of its curriculum and the manner in which it is delivered. Christ-centeredness defines each of the twelve skill areas that make up Tentmakers training wheel: Jesus-following skills; Wisdom-seeking skills; Learning/Thinking skills; Worldview skills; Decision-making skills; Ministry skills; Communications skills; Relational skills; Management skills; Citizenship skills; Motivational skills; and Entrepreneurial skills.

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