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TeamWomenMN Inspiring, Encouraging & Supporting Women to their Fullest Potential

TeamWomenMN is a premiere professional women's organizations in the Twin Cities made up of key business, sports, civic and community leaders who are committed to developing women in leadership.  

Three Reasons to Support TeamWomenMN:
1.  Look around you at all the women in your life who want to soar.  They deserve the chance to reach their goals and dreams and accomplish anything they set out to do.  
2.  Leadership training and one-on-one mentoring is a vital part of success.
3.  Encouragement builds confidence and TeamWomenMN provides a safe environment to connect with other women and receive support.  

What we do:  We bring powerful women together to inspire and support each other to succeed through our programming, and their popularity continues to demand more programming to fill all the needs!

• Mentoring Program – This key and unique offering is rich in cross-generational mentoring, benefiting both the mentor and mentee. The approach is one-on-one, strategically paired in varying professions, and mentee-driven. The program’s success is evident in the growth of the relationship that takes place over a 9-12 month timeframe.

• Networking Events – Our ongoing networking events provide the perfect platform for connecting women across a wide variety of professions. These events help membership expand and enrich their impact, and they give women the support and confidence to break out of their comfort zones. Participants learn from great speakers and master how to network effectively and strategically.

• Professional Development Clinics – Quarterly sessions provide key content on diverse topics including leadership styles, career advancement, professional etiquette basics, success in the first 90-days and more! Participation is free for TeamWomenMN members, mentors and mentees, and provides a great forum to learn from some of the most successful women in the Twin Cities.

Leadership Conference – Our annual Spring conference provides the perfect annual event for any leader wishing to further develop her skills and network. Inspirational keynote speakers, some of the best local female performers and the most successful women in business, media and sports make this event a must-attend for all women professionals. Entrepreneurial panels and experts on cross-generational management adaptability also provide content that both inspire and develop strong leadership skills. 

We are committed to expanding and implementing an award and scholarship program.  
All of this is made possible with your help!  Please consider investing in the leadership of women!  

We sincerely thank you! ...TeamWomenMN

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