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Twin Cities Medical Society Foundation - 50+ years of caring for the health of our community


Twin Cities Medical Society Foundation


 Establishing yourself as a new foundation is never an easy task. However, when the new foundation is backed by the rich heritage, spanning nearly five decades, the challenge is a bit less daunting.


 The Twin Cities Medical Society Foundation was officially launched on January 1, 2015 following the merger of the East Metro Medical Society Foundation and the West Metro Medical Foundation. The successful model which established the Twin Cities Medical Society in 2009 provided the momentum for a small contingent of directors from the East Metro Medical Society Foundation and West Metro Medical Foundation Boards to gather for the purpose of exploring the possibility of uniting the two foundations under the TCMS umbrella.  One and one-half years later, the respective Foundation Boards voted unanimously to seal the deal.




Mission Statement:


The Twin Cities Medical Society Foundation is a physician-led philanthropic organization that strives to improve the health and wellbeing of the community through strategic initiatives.




TCMSF Board Members:



Chris Johnson, M.D., Chair

Mark Engasser, M.D., Vice-Chair

 Robert Moravec, M.D., Treasurer

 Elisabeth Hurliman, M.D., Ph.D., Secretary



 Joseph Cardamone, M.D.

 Thomas Dosland, M.D.

 Vincent Garry, M.D.

Marta Michalska-Smith, M.D.

 Henri Minette, J.D.

 Richard Schmidt, M.D.

 Dip Shukla, medical student

 Peter Stiles, M.D.

 Andrew Thomas, M.D.

Angela Vong, M.D.



We aim to provide funding and support/leadership for:

  • Improving medicine (caring, science, human interaction)
  • Improving & advancing of health care services
  • Promoting Relevant programs
  • Enhancing medical care/practice
  • Foster the Arts & Science of medicine
  • Providing Leadership in addressing problems of our day

Honoring Choices Minnesota

A current program, Honoring Choices Minnesota, is changing the culture around end-of-life care.  Honoring Choices offers resources such as health care directive forms and video documentaries to help all Minnesotans have discussions about end of life health care preferences.  Learn more at

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