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TCMediaNow was established in 2009 to preserve and provide access to 40 years of local media footage through film, tapes, and photographs.

TCMediaNow was established in 2009 by Tom Oszman initially through colletions of video tapes would otherwise have been discarded video tapes of news and commercial footage.  The tapes and film which many felt was not viewable or funcitonal in the digital age was found to contain hours of relevant local historical memories, stories, and vintage commercials from places, products, and technology of the past.  From the Twins World Series Victory Parade, fearsome tornadoes, commercials for Dayton's and Donaldson's, highlights and low lights of the video age are captured for generations to come through the digitization process.   Contributing to TCMediaNow provides continued sustainability to maintain and purchase vintage video and film equipment, and to expand the reach and velocity in which footage is able to be brought back to the public.  Footage found and acquired by TCMediaNow has been used in University Research, Documentary Film, local education, and all four local commercial network affiliates. 

The archives are full and growing and we enthusiastically hope to continue to provide this public service. 

Support in the fall of 2021 allowed TCMediaNow to:

Digitize and preserve over 5,000 hours of video, audio, and film as well as slides, newspapers, and photographs of historical local content and provide this information and content free to the public. Repair and replace aging legacy equipment to continue the preservation process. Web support and development to continue to provide (free of charge) hundreds of hours of history and local culture through and continue to enhance the user experience. Daily updates on TCMediaNow's social sites highlighting historical dates of the past with video and information. Restoring and displaying work and collections of local icons and programs such as Bedtime Nooz, PM Magazine, Good Company, What's New?, The Bud Grant Show, and Moore Reports not seen in 30 years, News video and film anchored by Paul Magers, Don Shelby, Stan Turner, Dave Moore, Pat Miles interviews with local icons, weather from the past with Paul Douglas, Dennis Feltgen, Dr. Walt Lyons, and more..Sports features including coverage of the Minnesota Vikings and Minnesota Twins, Super Bowl and World Series Highlights, The last days of Met Stadium, the 1984 Twins sale with Robb Leer and Bob Bruce, WCCO documentaries done under the direction of Ron HandbergSeveral unique reels of film were digitized this year some dating back 50 years old covering local topics."Lost" Local commercials Dozens of hours of local favorite "Good Company"Super Bowl, World Series, High and low lights of Minnesota Sports.Local documentaries not seen since the 1970s. Extensive collection of interviews and news courtesy of Nancy Nelson and Bill CarlsonOpening day footage from the Minnesota Twins from the early 1960s, rare glimpses of the Minnesota Vikings from their heyday of the 1960s and 1970s.Provided video for High School and College courses and Documentary Film Makers. Provided footage for Public Television. TCMediaNow is continuing to provide presentations virtually and in person at Historical Societies and other local organizations.

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