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Our Mission: Helping grieving families overcome the sorrow of infant and pregnancy loss, while embracing the gift of a new life.

On March 3rd of 2007 my husband and I learned firsthand the confusion and grief that the loss of a child can evoke, when our son Taylor was stillborn, exactly one month prior to his due date. Taylor's passing was unexpected and so abrupt we were not prepared to transition from the stages of joy and planning that accompany a pregnancy, to the stages of grief. While we should have been deciding on hospital portraits, which car seat would ensure the safest ride home, and finalizing the plans for his upcoming Dedication that was
to take place in April, we were facing a parent's worst nightmare; finalizing plans to lay our son to rest . A short time after Taylor’s birth and funeral, it was determined that we had lost him due to a pregnancy complication called a
concealed or silent placental abruption. For reasons unknown the placenta had prematurely detached from the uterine lining cutting off the nutrients and oxygen that Taylor needed to survive. It had gone undetected because of the location of our son and the placenta, both had acted as a clot. If we had not experienced this complication our son would have thrived, he had no abnormalities and would’ve been a healthy and active infant and child.

We learned we were pregnant once again a mere four months later and were immediately overcome with mixed emotions. Love, joy, and excitement, were accompanied by fear of another loss, and compounded with grief.  Often times pregnancies following a loss, will be clouded by a vast array of emotions and such strong unavoidable feelings of guilt that families struggle to form an attachment. No one should be alone during such a time. Knowledge that there are others you can turn to for compassion, guidance and understanding, because they too have experienced a
similar situation is an important aspect of being able to move forward and experience joy while pregnant once again; all the while allowing yourself to continue to heal. Taylored To You is dedicated to providing resources to
bereaved Parents, and their family during a PAL (Pregnancy After a Loss).  A child arriving after a loss is fondly
referred to as a 'Rainbow Baby' ,as a depiction of the beauty and hope to come after the storm. As bereaved parents ourselves, we have worked diligently to build this beautiful organization to honor the life of our son, offering Maternity Portrait Sessions, Birth Announcement Templates, a Bouquet of Blessings, and  additional resources. All for the families preparing to welcome their Rainbow. Through distribution of campaign materials we are proud advocates of The Star Legacy Foundations 'My Kicks Count', providing insight regarding the importance of fetal kick counts and monitoring your baby's activity during the third trimester, to ensure a healthy pregnancy with a happy outcome.

While the scars of our loss may not be visible, society has made  great strides to validate infant loss, and bereaved parents, as it is so often referred to as a silent grief. Taylored To You hopes to continue to play an integral role in continuing to shed light on the issue of stillbirth and pregnancy and infant loss and bring awareness to the affects it has one those who suffer through such tragedy.


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