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For more than 40 years, motherhood has been the intersection at which we meet the women and children we serve.  Tandem has been their soft place to land, offering a full spectrum of support and services to equip these families in breaking the cycle of crisis and poverty.    

The truth is - we all face crisis at some point - it's inevitable.   Tandem is there for those who face it alone. 

We combine practical help with deep authentic relationships and those two things woven together are a powerful force. 

There is something sacred that happens in that moment when the barriers come down and we are no longer clients, staff or donors…we are just a community of people drawn to one another for the purpose of sharing our stories in an authentic, transparent way that heals the soul. 

We call it life-on-life ministry. 

It’s powerful. 

It’s why we are different. 

It’s why what we do, works. 

Tandem is a 501c3 non-profit based in Minneapolis, MN.  Services include prenatal medical care (midwives), mental health resources (individual therapy and support groups), crisis intervention (case management/advocacy), life coaching,  parenting and life skills education, employment readiness and vocational training, transitional housing, childcare and humanitarian aid.  

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