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The all original live radio theatre podcast from Duluth, MN

Take It With You is an hour-long, originally scripted, live radio theatre podcast complete with versatile voice actors (think The Simpsons), all original music (think South Park), and old-school foley sound effects (think Monty Python coconut horses) performed in front of a studio audience in Duluth, Minnesota. It’s the Golden Age of Radio but without the “age” or the “radio.” It’s just gold.

Take It With You is just about to perform its 48th episode!  Each of our shows is 100% original and truly a labor of love. And it's because of our amazing live audiences that we're able to pay our cast and crew, purchase props and equipment, and fix things that need fixing, which allows us to keep making you laugh month after month! But after the show is done we're hard at work getting out the podcasts which is very time consuming and requires its own set of expenses. So please consider giving back for as little as $5 so we can continue to create quality original work and make it available wherever you go! This can be a one time donation or quarterly/monthly ongoing membership pledge. It's easy to make your tax-deductible donation right now.


Our mission:

Take It With You (TIWY) is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to creating unique, original, radio-theatre, fueled by passion, humor, wild creativity, and the quest for artistic excellence. In our live performances we engage our local audience, strengthening their connection to, and understanding of, the arts through a fusion of music, theatre, and storytelling. In our podcasts we bring the mission of our company and the spirit of our community of Duluth, MN, to the world. Finally, we believe that our artistic vision can only be achieved by working with the highest quality of artists, and that it’s our responsibility to be always striving to compensate TIWY performers fairly; not only as a core company value, but as an example in our community.

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