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100% of all donations made to Tails of Hope are utilized for the care of the rescued cats living at the Tails of Hope sanctuary. Your donations can help us continue to provide quality long term care for the animals at the sanctuary.

Tails of Hope is a sanctuary offering life long care for stray and feral cats that are not socialized to a level that would allow them to be adopted as a domestic companion cat. The fate of a rescued cat lacking social skills is most often a death sentence. But here, at the Tails of Hope sanctuary, are the many faces of those cats fortunate enough to have escaped a death sentence by finding their way to the Tails of Hope sanctuary. But the care doesn't stop there!  Many times we have fur babes cross our path that have just lost their way because humans gave up on them so they have forgotten that humans can be loving, you will see those faces here as well. We take the time to help them remember the love and care they can receive from humans and for these special fur babes we find qualified loving homes for them! 

The cats at the Tails of Hope sanctuary are provided essential provisions, shelter and safety throughout the remainder of their lives but most importantly they are offered unconditional love throughout the remainder of their lives as well. They are provided indoor shelter protected from the elements and regular dangers that come for those living life alone, as well are offered safe access to the outdoors through kenneling to enrich their lives. They have the luxury of putting their heads down snuggling in a blanket, knowing the comfort of heat in the sub-zero temperatures of the Midwest, and going to sleep knowing they are safe and cared for - something that most homeless, stray and feral cats will never experience.

The cats at the Tails of Hope sanctuary are accepted just as they are. There are no expectations of sociability. They are offered a chance to grow into trust of humans if they so desire but will never be expected to move from their comfort zone. What we have found is that through time, patience and observation of other colony mates, many do grow into some level of trust of humans while others remain terrified of human interaction. But what remains true for each of these precious innocent souls is that they do connect and experience in their own way love when given the chance through patience and acceptance.

Please consider making a donation to Tails of Hope. If you would like to see some of the faces of the residents at the Tails of Hope sanctuary you can visit us on our website or on Facebook. You can locate our web address at the bottom of this page. 




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