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The Hamlet Cast That Could 

In March 2020, SYT suspended our production of Hamlet on opening night due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our community was heartbroken; students, families, and our artistic team put so much into bringing the beautiful stage production to life. We weren't going to let that investment be in vain; for months, the Hamlet cast gathered over Zoom and at park rehearsals to continue rehearsing the show. Finally, this September, we gathered to safely record Hamlet: An Audio Drama at SYT. 

After months of hard work and keeping the faith, this dauntless cast of young artists will be premiering their take on Shakespeare's iconic masterpiece on December 5th, 2020. 

Your Support Matters

In May 2020, you raised over $1,000 for SYT during #GiveAtHomeMN. Your support transformed the empty Hamlet stage into a safe, socially-distanced recording studio with high-quality sound equipment that will not only bring HAMLET to the world, but support teen-led performances all year. A Midsummer Night's Dream: An Audio Drama (performed by the peerless Summer Ensemble!)  premiered on September 19th and Troilus and Cressida: An Audio Drama will begin recording later later in November. 

Thank You

This is a pivotal moment for nonprofits and small organizations everywhere, and SYT is no exception. 

From day one, you have made this community of young artists thrive thanks to your incredible commitment and generous support of SYT. You are the reason SYT will survive this challenging and uncertain time and continue to create life-changing opportunities for years to come – thank you for all you continue to do to bring excellent theatre opportunities to young people all over Minnesota. We look forward to continuing to lift up youth voices throughout our community together with you. We're so glad to have on our team. Thank you.

The Challenge - Give during Give to the Max to Double Your Impact!

With your help, SYT is creating a five-show season of audio dramas (a podcast-era spin on the radio play!) featuring the voices and artistic talents of young artists. Your support over #GiveAtHomeMN transformed SYT's blackbox theatre into a socially-distant recording studio where the final performance of our suspended March 2020 production of Hamlet was finally recorded! Your support now supports the work of these incredible young artists - and thanks to a generous donor, your gift will be doubled. 

These times are asking all of us to make a leap of faith away from carefully constructed plans and into the unknown - bringing our creativity, resilience, and spontaneity along with us. We've been deeply moved by the continued enthusiasm and positivity our young artists have shared with us in the face of turbulence and big disappointments – and we are so excited to discover new ways to share and spotlight their voices.

“Not gonna lie, this was totally the highlight of my summer. I obviously had nothing to do during Corona and finally when I got the email from SYT being like ‘Hey... We’re actually doing this production!' I was like, 'Thank God!'” -SYT Ensemble Member


About SYT

“SYT gave my son something constructive to do all summer and he had to work as if he was a professional.  I enjoyed watching him grow and achieve something special. " - Parent, Season 15

For the past 16 years, Shakespearean Youth Theatre has empowered teens to share their experiences with our community through the stories of William Shakespeare. This company has thrived because of an incredible community students, parents, audience, alumni, and supporters.

We invite you to join our community and  transform lives by creating life-changing arts experiences for teens.

"SYT has made me more confident! I have learned how to unapologetically take up space." - Student, Season 13

“We have seen our son come alive and blossom while participating in SYT. So thankful for the opportunity to watch him  grow!” - Parent, Season 14


Our Story

SYT was founded in 2004 by two moms (the source of all great things) who wanted to create extraordinary theatre opportunities for their kids and communities. 16 years later, we're still committed to that founding vision - supporting young people to share their experiences and perspectives with our community through exceptional and groundbreaking theatre.  

Invest in the Future of the Theatre

SYT is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization and we rely on the generosity and support of our incredible Twin Cities community members to continue our programming and further our mission to empower, challenge, and inspire all young people to create groundbreaking theater through education, performance and ensemble-based collaboration. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to help SYT offer high-quality, transformative arts training into the future.

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