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“Only 24% of children ages 6 to 17 participated in 60 minutes of physical activity per day – the standard set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.” - Project Play


Sweets Kendamas Foundation is a 501c(3) educational non- profit organization headquartered in Minneapolis that works with schools to inspire, engage, and activate students with our mindfulness through play programs.

Our Mission:

Sweets Kendamas Foundation: is dedicated to empowering growth mindset, social emotional learning and mindfulness through kendama education.

Our Process: We provide transformative kendama programs with world class instructors that lead to lasting, positive, personal and educational outcomes for participants.

What We Do: We use kendama as a mindfulness tool to teach participants how to regulate challenging emotions, communicate with compassion, and transform failure into opportunities to learn and grow.

Our Program Goals:

We are committed to inspire and empower people of all ages and backgrounds to build social and emotional resiliency, learn how to transform failure and adversity into opportunities for growth, and cultivate a mindfulness through fun and engaging play with Kendama.

Our Philosophy 

Play is crucial in a happy and fulfilling life. Play is important for the development of a healthy body, a healthy mind and spirit. Our programs are much more than playing with a ball and a cup toy. The game of Kendama is an ancient Japanese practice and seen as a learning tool in Japanese culture. Similar to a martial art practice, Kendama and its play, are designed to promote the development of character. Characteristics such patience, kindness, mindful observation, discipline, respect, perseverance, grace, grit, compassion, and most of all the ability to transform failure into opportunities for growth. Kendama Institute’s programs focus on three core principles Growth Mindset, Social Emotional Learning and Mindfulness all through play, discovery and reflection.

Data taken from Kendama Institute reflection journals from online students, teachers and participants in February, 2020. 

Taken from 60 of our participants in MPLS after school. 

 A few testimonials from our participants and educators. 

  • “If you want a program that not only shows your students the rewarding principles of accomplishing ones goals, but also gets your students moving in a fun way, this is it!”\

  • “ They had awesome programming/curriculum and were great with the kids. They taught great principles and worked our values into teaching kendama. They did a great job of involving everyone, making sure everyone had a great time, and everyone learned something they could take beyond kendama.” Bethany Pitts:  Afterschool Coordinator Rogue Valley Family YMCA

  • “My Middle-Schoolers, who don't get excited about much, are now excited about Kendama! They learned about the game, the origin and even some tricks. I can't wait to have Kendama Institute back.”

  • “Kendama helps meditation and mindfulness for me and gets my mind and body focused on my kendama goals instead of anything else that might be going on. Also it teaches me anything is possible and to never give up which gives me a more positive outlook on life in general.”  - High school Student

  • Focusing my busy mind is something I definitely think Kendama helps with. I would also go so far to say that all theories, mechanics, flows and lessons learned during play can easily translate to any facet of life you wish to apply them too.

  • Kendama is the most growth mindset thing there is. Just look back over any period of time to see your progression.. I took a class about growth mindset last semester and really saw how kendama is such a great example. It can be discouraging at times but in the long run it's amazing to see how much one can improve



“If you want a program that not only shows your students the rewarding principles of accomplishing ones goals, but also gets your students moving in a fun way, this is it!”

-Shneur Fomin/ PE Teacher/ Williamsburgh High School of Arts and Technology

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