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Sweet Pea Montessori serves children birth to age three and partners with families to create a loving thriving community 

As you may know, the first three years are the most crucial in the life of the child.  These experiences and interactions of the child lay the foundation for trust and understanding of the world, brain functioning, problem solving, and executive functioning. That is why Sweet Pea Montessori creates ideal environments for infants and toddlers.   Sweet Pea Montessori’s mission is to collaborate with families to nurture the minds and spirits of infants and toddlers. We strive for community, equity, and connections with nature. Our commitment to providing beautiful Montessori environments and qualified and caring staff ensures that we provide the best foundation for children while they are in our care.

It is challenging to provide adequate funding for a well staffed beautiful school for Infants and Toddlers. There are few state scholarships, few fiscal resources, and high costs in maintaining the proper ratios of staff to students.  We would love to have your help to make our children thrive and add to our scholarship fund so we can accept more families who need financial support.  Thank you!

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